Is this Something I should Worry About?

Perfect: look to new growth for signs of recovery.

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Old growth will continue to show the spots it has or will they fade?

All damaged leaf material will remain. If minor yellowing that can recover but mostly it will degrade over time. When it gets too scruffy to stand just remove them. Your gonna get used to removing leaves as a flowering plant drops all of it’s fans then. Just part of the growth cycle.

Thanks again everyone. It looks like she’s doing much better after my drain and fill yesterday with a better gauge of the nutrients. Here’s a picture from this afternoon. Ignore the mist in the picture, I just refilled and kicked on my humidifier so it was pumping out some really cool special effects. I also installed my SF 2000 light and got rid of those blurple ones.

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I’m not quite out of the woods yet. I came home this evening and saw the reservoir was a little low. I noticed there were no spots on the newest 2 sets of leaves. I filled it with RO water and checked the TDS. It was around 400. I decided since it was low to try to add 1 ml of the Micro and then the Grow. I also added about 2 ml of Cal Mag. I followed the process like I would if I was putting them in a fresh filled tank. Put the Micro in, waited for the water to circulate for a few minutes. Added the Grow. Then I checked the pH which was around 6.4 so I brought it down to 5.9, then added the 2 ml Cal Mag. I didn’t add any Revive or Hydroguard, and I haven’t added any Recharge since I did the drain and fill Sunday. I went to check it about an hour later and there are fresh spots, which look smaller, but they are still appearing. I should mention that the TDS reading after I added the nutrients was close to 600 PPM.

Question, and I don’t know enough to know if this even makes sense, but since my reservoir is extremely small at the moment, even though the concentration is good, there’s very little calcium total. So, could she just be pulling all the Calcium out in like a day or two? I’m wondering if I’m not going to have to do a full drain and fill every other day until I get the bigger tank.

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It’s possible but from the looks of the plant I’d just say it’s hungry. Bump it up to around 800 with base nutes and cal mag and see how that goes.

How far off the net pot is the water? 1 1/2 to 2"? And air is a ‘rolling boil’? Water temps below 70F?

How large is your current rez? I went to the local car wash and picked through empty detergent barrels til I found the perfect one. And free.

My current Rez is 2 gals, but to keep enough distance between the bottom of the basked and the water, I have to drop about half to 3/4 gals. So it’s TINY. I have a new one that’s like 9 gals that should arrive in about a week. I think that may solve my problems.

In the meantime…I may have gone too far. I followed the directions on the GH bottle and when I took the TDS measurement, it was 1100 PPM with just the base nutrients in. Then I added a good dose of Cal Mag, Hydroguard, and Revive. It ended up at 1300 PPM. I’m going to try to add some clean RO water to the system tomorrow if she can take any. I may anyway, and then just drain it out to pull some of the nutrients out…
Or maybe that’s how much she needs right now.

I guess I’ll find out.

Oh and to answer about the water, yes, the water is about an inch and a half below at 65 Deg, and the air stone is a good rolling boil. I think I could definitely benefit from a better air pump, but it’s ok.

I checked the TDS today and it’s down to 1100.

Just wanted to post an update. Using the suggestion of following the GH dosage on the bottle, along with doing a drain and fill every 2-3 days right now until the larger unit gets here seemed to do the trick. Here are some pictures of how she looks now.