Dwc auto, help needed

Hey guys,

I need some opinions, now I apologies if I posted it the wrong spot, but this is my first dwc, and the leaves are drooping slash/twisting, and some light discoloration on a couple leaves, I’ll post pics and info below, thanks guys!!!

Nutrients : Bills perfect micro, grow, bloom, Gh floralicious plus, supertrhive, General hydro ph up down
3 1/2 gal dwc
De chlorinated tap water

Overwatering? I’m new so just taking a stab at it.

Well he’s in hydroponics so Over watering is unlikely.

Could you take a picture of what the roots look like and possibly tell us what the pH of your reservoir is at @Ryansway? It should be in the vicinity of 5.8 to have nice and healthy plants.

Most tap water is 7.0 - 7.8


If you plan on continuing DWC after this grow, this size bucket will always be a nemesis of yours.

Let’s say your in late flower and you set the nutrient levels in your reservoir to 1500ppms. Then let’s say the plant decided to drink some of the water but not eat any of the fertilizer. This will make the nutrient concentration climb to 1600ppm or even higher killing your plant fast.

Larger hydroponic systems have many advantages over smaller ones and not getting to lethal levels very quickly is one of them.

3.5 gallon buckets are best suited for plants only producing a couple of ounces



I’ll take pics of roots as soon as I get home, “I work nights” and I ph my water down to 5.8, and I should of specified it’s a 5 gal buckets filled to a bout 3 and 1/2 gal, and I’m dealing with the plant pre flowering now and it’s drinking about a half gallon a day, which sucks I’m adding water every other day, which can be a pain, and I’m thinking my ph pen is off, I’m ordering a new 1 tomorrow along with a tds pen, so I can get this figured out, and I do appreciate the help guys!!##


Looks like you need to add some CaliMag (GH)… I ran RDWC the last two years and followed the General Hydroponics advanced nutrient schedule with a few tweaks here and there. I had some magnesium deficiencies in a couple early grows. The CaliMag worked great.

You would be better suited to add a reservoir to your DWC. I used a 17 gallon one… MJ drinks a lot in mid bloom. If not possible, definitely check TDS and PH daily… You can swing harshly left or right of your 5.6-5.8 target.

I retired my RDWC after my last grow a few months ago. Decided to try an Octopot using Super Soil this grow :pirate_flag:

Best wishes on your grow :+1:t2:

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Yeah I just recently started the floralicous plus and I’ve noticed that it drops my ph way down then in a 24 hour period works it’s way back up… or I’m crazy, but I just ordered come Cal mag plus, granted it’s going to take a week to get here so I added a little homemade Cal mag, “egg shells in vinigar/ epsomsalt” to the mix, to help, and I’ll be getting my new ph pen around the same time as the calmag, also off topic but I saw the octop setup before and was wondering about it, keep me posted on the progress I’m interested in getting a couple myself


Hello @Ryansway,
Do you recalibrate your ph pen weekly? Also a probe cleaning solution to clean them with. Good to clean the tds/ec pen prongs aswell. It doesn’t take much to clean and check the gear weekly but if your getting wrong readings. Man what a stuff around.
I’ve gone from dwc to the auto pots, kinda the same as the octo pots. So much easier.
Running both atm and the Apots almost look after their selves while the dwc needs me twice a day…

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Be careful using organic nutrients in a recycling DWC vessel. They tend to clump and will clog your drip. It happened to me twice on a WWA grow before a few fine folks on here steered me clear.

I have some grow journals on here that may be useful for reference later on. Just search my username :pirate_flag:

Here are my two girls in the Octopot…


So from what I see @Ryansway you don’t have a calcium problem but a magnesium problem, which could be from any number of things.

I think a Bottle of Cali magic can help you but it’s important to remember that you are feeding allot more calcium than magnesium…look

Your also adding extra nitrogen which might not be desirable in later flower (your not there yet).

Try the cal mag and if you begin to get any nutrient burn them try a small bag of Epsom salts instead. Even there there is sulphur in Epsom salts to go along with the healthy dose of magnesium butt there is usually a minute amount of sulphur in most nutrient lines in relation to calcium.

My recommendations:

  1. Check your roots, they need to be pearl white
  2. Make sure your reservoir is full of water everyday
  3. Get some magnesium into the mix no matter how you do it.
  4. Stay on top of your pH.

Here is a Mg deficient leaf

And here is your leaf

Look familiar?


High Five, buddy!!! :pirate_flag:

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Wow, exact match, and yeah I recalibrate my pen every other week but it was a cheapo pen but I ordered a decent quality 1, and I just did a rez change last night and added some a bit more cal/mag then I usually do and the problem is getting progressively worse, so today I’m going to foilar feed them some espom salt, and my nearest hydro store is over a hour away but they sell a brand that is indecent cal and mag I’m going to pick up a bottle of both, along with some beneficials, and the roots seem to look fine to be but I did notice when I started adding the floralicious plus that it’s a thick syrup that seems to leave this brown film on the roots, I’ll take a pic and show it, and you can tell me what tall think


P.s.: I always buy the nutrients on sale and didn’t even pay attention that the bills perfect was a “organic” line, hmmm I’ll start taking that into consideration

New development of issues…

Progression of mag deficiency

Last but not least the roots

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Went from perfect deep green canopy to this in as little as a week… So for the short term does a tbl of Epsom in a gallon and then foilar sprayed sound like a decent fix for the time being?

Floralicious plus is organic … it will grow bio-slime in your res… I would consider this :+1:t2:

… of course it does… lol, well what do you think, keep it in or is it worth the weird issues it cause in dwc… and I never could find a actual benefit besides a few people saying it adds smell and stickyness to there buds, and there is foilar recipes on the bottle and just use it that way?

Btw, I do greatly appreciate every 1s help!!!


Bio-slime clogged two reservoirs and killed two plants before I ditched all organics and started adding Hydroguard to my nutrient regiment. I honestly did not see experience anything different in my grows without it. The Hydroguard is a must for me in my hydro grows.

Also, make sure your tester is calibrated. If your PH is off, you will lock out your plant.

You appear to be locked out. What’s your PH? :metal:



As soon as I read your post I checked it, and I changed the res yesterday at 5.8, and when I just checked it, the plant used about 3/4 of a gallon and the pH was sitting at 6.2, so I added some ph down to get it back 5.8, It Drifts up, A Few Hundredths Every Other Day Or so, it would make sense to be locked out, especially if my ph is spiking

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So I’m going to remove the floralicious plus and try it out as a foliar spray, the 1 thing I didn’t add to this grow that I wish I did was silica, the plant seems to be very delicate to temp swings and nutrients