Dwc help. I'm having issues with it

I had root issues, early flowering, so i fixed the issues, roots look good now, but ppm are 323 last night, an ph 5.9. Water temp is 68.5 tent temp is 75 degrees. Using gh nutes. But ph raised from 5.9 to 6.2 an ppm raised from 323 to 326 all in 12 hours , it’s only been 3days since i flushed an sterilized the system an changed out tank. An ph raises slowly each day, but ppm goes up too, but only a few points, like 3 or 4 points. Barely drinking water either, but plants look healthy an buds are looking ok. New white pistols sticking up . I would appreciate some input or help. Its really stressful. 1st time in dwc, always do coco an run 20 ladies at once, but this dwc is kicking my butt. Lol



These are before I switched to flowering, I will need to wait till lights on to send new pics.

Do you notice the water temp going up as well? And is it just in a 5gallon bucket?
She seems very healthy though

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I have two 5gal buckets, 1 is the outside of tent resovoir. And no I got a water chiller. Temps stay between 19.6 an 20.1 Celsius… but I had root rot, a cleaned dead roots off an cleaned whole system roots are white an healthy. Just ever since I did that it barely drinks any water or anything. but looks healthy. Just low ppms. Ph goes up as its post 2. I’m stumped, maybe it’s still in shock? It never took over 400 ppms even b4 the rot. wierd

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That is strange. What nutrients do you use? If you use synthetic nutrients they will actually dye your roots and make it look like they some root rot starting. If you were able to wash it off the roots I would assume you might of shocked them pretty good and need a little bit time to recover before they start taking up nutes again. Only other thing I can think of is nute lockout which is a more common thing when mixing up your nutes but I would assume you would see a bigger jump in your ppm/ec then your ph

Right, after the cleaning, I set it at 600 which ph dived an ppm went up, so i dropped it to 324. An it raised to 326 in 12 hours, I’m using gh nutes, armor si an hydroguard an great white too. It drinks a little at night , but like a pint only. Only the very bottom of roots got slimy. I caught it fast b4 it got bad , cut it off , sterilized the system an here i am. Lol. It was week 4 flowering when it happened, got a little too burn from the day or so at high e c. But buds are growing an pistols are white an standing straight up. Looks good, but not drinking, i don’t see dropping it any lower , I’m stumped. Maybe I will just let it go a week an just watch the ph, an keep it in range. . I’m hoping its ok🙏

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Sounds like we’re using almost all the same nutes. With hydroguard and a water chiller root rot shouldn’t be an issues at all as long as everything is clean before the run and even so I would assume to see the root rot popping up a lot earlier than 4 weeks of flower lol. When I first start dwc I thought I was getting root rot too, especially since I don’t use a water chiller so my water temps will get above 70, but wasn’t showing any signs on the leaves at all then read that using synthetic nutes will dye your roots which is normal and not harmful. So more than likely just shocked her some when cleaning her off. When I got lockout in my rdwc setup my first year took almost a week after flushing them out to see all the numbers go back to normal. Hopefully it goes back to normal in a couple more days and as long as the ppm/ec doesn’t change too drastically and pH stays within 5.5-6.5 I wouldn’t worry too much.

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I’ll be harvesting my blue dreams today or tomorrow if I have the time and will try to remember to post a pic of my roots see if they looked similar color to yours

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Thanks, I’ll just wait and see what happens, I did blue dream in coco it was wonderful lol… yes I hope I just died the roots lol. It’s all staying stable. Just not drinking Barely any thing. Definitely post some pics.

That’s what my blue dreams roots looked like at harvest (flash is on in the picture)

Without flash

Ive tried to do soil before even Coco and failed miserably at it so looks like I’m sticking to hydro lol. Hope your plants bounce soon! they usually do in hydro

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In hydro, depending on your environmental conditions, during early flower and veg, water level should drop and your ph and ppm’s should remain the same.
If your ppm’s are below a 1000 and your ph is rising, you need to feed more. If your ph is dropping, you’ll probably need less nutes.
Keep in mind, that is all depending on all other conditions are in check.
During the later part of flower, your plants will slow down eating nutes which will appears she’s not drinking. Maintain the PH and adjust nutes accordingly.

Here is a chart that helps a lot.


If you need any help, feel free to tag away. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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This is actually RDWC due to the rez.

TDS reading with an EC pen are not accurate enough to differentiate 3 ppm: this is well within the error range of the instrument.

Likely shocked the plant and will take time to recover.

Assuming you are further along now, plant uptakes far less later in flower. PH rising is normal.

You didn’t indicate what lighting you have over these: low light intensity will greatly reduce uptake.

Thank you, I think I shocked them. Lol. So e.c. an ph are ok then.wonderful … I’m using a mars ts 1000. I use 4 600watt hps in my large room. I’m just experimenting with hydro.1st time. Might use a 600watt hps next time. I can barely get to 400 ppms in full veg with this light. Iam gonna increase tonight , I’m at 300ppm an nothing is happening except a 3point increase in ppm an a from 5.9 to 6.2 ph over night. Any help will be appreciated.

Sorry brother, maybe I’m not understanding something here. When you say can’t get ppm’s up with a light, I’m not sure what the light has to do with raising ppm’s? :man_shrugging:

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I meant with this plant lol. Auto correct said light 4 some reason. It drank a half gallon last night. Just looked a few min ago. Its bouncing back. I think I will up the e.c. tomorrow if everything stays in sync.


All I’ve got for you is your PPMs are insanely low for flowering. I’d be at 800 minimum. Ph fluctuating between 5.6 and 6.2 doesn’t really phase me much, but at 6.2 I’ll adjust back down.

If you are getting root rot but your water temps are consistently at or below 68°, you have a light leak. Time to find out where and fix it, otherwise you may have a recurring issue either this grow or the next.

Otherwise you’ve already gotten the advice from the pros to steer you good :v: hope it recovers well for ya

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Almost forgot about that and that’s usually my issue first starting grows in hydro lol. If you notice your nutrients water is starting to sink almost like a dirty aquarium or getting cloudy you have a light leak.

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Awsome, I fixed any light leak, looked at toots today an I got a ton of new roots growing. I changed res an raised ec to about .9 an she drank half a gallon overnight. She looks really happy now lol. I must have shocked her pretty bad, but everything is stable an hopefully she pulls thru with some nice buds. So far they look good. Thanks for everything from everyone, this is my 1st ever dwc hydroponics grow so I’m learning lol.