White Widow Auto DWC Help!

Hey everyone I went MIA for a while! Sorry about that as I was super busy with work and ended up catching COVID and was really sick for about 3 weeks. During that time my two WWA that I started earlier in a previous journal have made the transition to flower. They are not very big though as I’m sure they were severely stunted but nonetheless they are producing something and I’m proud of it since this was my very first time ever growing and in DWC.

Since then I have started a new baby and have a few questions about her.

December 22nd - The seed was placed in a rockwool cube that was soaked in 5.8 pH water and placed in the tent to start the germination process.

December 24th - Tap root coming from the bottom of the rockwool but no break through on the top yet. Rockwool was watered with 5.8 pH water lightly.

December 26th - The seedling has broken through and has a nice tap root established so I decided to transfer her to the DWC bucket (6 gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water) I decided to give her 1/4 strength nutrients from the GH Trio line.

4ml CalMag (1ml/gal)
2.5ml Micro (.625ml/gal)
2.5ml Grow (.625ml/gal)
2.5ml Bloom (.625ml/gal)
8ml Hydroguard (2ml/gal)

This brought my initial PPMS to 120 but after letting it recirculate for a while it ended being around 150-155 and has stayed steady there.

January 2nd marked exactly one week that she was in her bucket. I originally was going to change out her res and up the nutrient level to around 250ppm but I decided to keep her in there for another week since she was so small and wasn’t really drinking. I have been top feeding her about once a day.

January 9th will mark exactly two weeks or 14 days that she has been in here bucket receiving nutrients.

She is under a Mars Hydro TSW2000 that’s 28 inches away at 100% strength.

The plant is 17 days old from germination if you count from the day it was placed in the cube and roughly 14 days if you count from the time it popped through.

I have noticed some curling and what’s looked like heat stress in my opinion so I am going to hook my watt meter up and dim my light to around 150 watts and see how she responds. I’ve also noticed some slight browning on the tips of two leaves which just occurred within the last two days. Possible nutrient burn? I thought she handled the nutrients well the first week so I’m not sure why the tips are browning.

Here are some pictures I took today of the plant and the roots. Would you all mind giving me your opinions and what you think might be wrong with the plant or I could do better?

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Check your ph i didn’t see a reference to your current ph… tds might be okay but if your ph has drifted you can be in lockout… I am no expert im just saying start there and we can eliminate variables…


@Youngster sorry I didn’t include. pH has been steady at 5.8 and I let it drift no higher than 6.2 before bringing it down. That’s with the assumption my pH pen is reading correctly. It has been calibrated twice since I’ve bought it and it’s not even 3 months old


Temp and RH?

@Youngster Tent temp with lights on 74-76 degrees.
Lights off 64-66 degrees. RH has been sitting around 50% sometimes up to 55%

The res temps haven’t gotten any higher than 72 degrees and have been sitting around 68-69 degrees for the most part as I have an AC blowing cool air into the tent via a in-line fan booster and also blowing cool air onto the air tubing

I’m still learning ill call on some with more experience than me… @thedeernad @repins12 @Hellraiser @fano_man @HappyHydroGrower @merlin44

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I appreciate it my friend

It looks like more of a potassium deficiency but let the experienced guys make that call… we both are going to hopefully learn from this

i’ll be doing a res change tomorrow since it will mark 2 weeks. I was going to up the the Micro a little to add more Nitrogen, I have some ArmorSi for potassium and silica I was going to add for the second res change anyway. I just didn’t want add so many additives at first.

What nutrient line are you using and what’s their feed chart say that ppm is super low I feel like.

Also turn your light wayyy down you want just a bit of light in veg let the plant stretch control this via light. 1" nod spacing. If it’s more crank the light up if it’s less turn it down.


My bad @Nicky didn’t mean to leave you out

All good I’m just a normal community member like yourself can’t tag everyone I forget the people to tag all the time

Want to say that line has to be AN

@Nicky @Youngster I’m using the General Hydroponics Flora Series at 1/4 strength to start. The recirculating chart said to start between 350-400 ppms but I wasn’t sure if it would burn them up

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@Nicky should I lower the light closer to the plant? I dimmed it down to 150 watts according to my watt meter

Turn your grow light off and take a picture with your phone with the flash on. Let’s see the true color of this plant. Your grow light will never show us what’s actually going on so any time you want to show us plants turn your grow lights off please.

On the light strength ide dial it down all the way and go from there. Watch the stretch of nodes and adjust accordingly.
If you over power with light early on you just get a small bushy squaty plant. You want that but you still want a bit of stretch.
You can crank it up as they get bigger and stretch faster.
Pre flower, pre stretch smash them with light.


@Nicky here are some photos with the lights off. Also thank you for the insight and knowledge


PPM’s should be ok. I would check your PH meter to make sure it’s calibrated. Are you also using calmag?


I will recalibrate it just to be on the safe side and take a new reading. Yes I am using GH’s calimagic, I used 1ml per gallon for a total of 4mls