Help now!

My plant is about 3 weeks old dwc whit widow my ph is 5.6 my ppm is 460.just change the resivor then left for about 20 min came back and it was super droopy.
Only thing I add was hydroen peroxide 5 ml
My resivor is 2 gal …I’m useing advanced nutrients jungle juice gmb with voodoo juice and b-52

Was there a change in the temperature of the reservoir?

My reservoir was around 79f Ik it was high so I put some ice cubes but it didn’t made them temp go down just a couple degrees…it look healthy then 20 min I wnt to check on them and I found like this

Just look ago looks like its coomin back slowly…question how should have my water level…should the net pot be under water.or should there be like a inch so just the roots are in the water

I believe you should have at least a 1 inch air gap between water and pot. Not sure , soil grower…but I know having the trunk to close to the water can cause all kinds of problems…

Ok thank yea I had it high that’s prolly what did it can any one explain the marks on the leaves …som reason my ph keeps going up I think it cause the marks but not sure this my first time grow dwc

Looks a lot better beside that leaf

Have a another question for some one what should my ppm be at.and also do I subtract my water ppm to find out what my nute ppm is

from my experience with DWC if you don’t have the water moving rapidly as well as a lot of oxygen in the water the pH tends to climb dramatically day by day especially if your reservoir is only 2 to 5 gallons as far as pH they say that 5.6, 5.7 is best from what I’ve heard for DWC

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As it rises day should I add ph down…does the leaves look like a ph problem or nute burn l.

pH should be 5.8 for DWC/Hydro. pH shouldn’t be rising unless you are using hard water, which is probably the case if you use tap water. PPM can be anywhere from about 500 to as high as 1800, maybe even higher, depending on what PPM scale you use and also depending on different nutrient brand’s recommendations or even individual styles of growing. I’d say 600-800 is a good place for most people with DWC and that is not including the tap water’s PPM. If your tap water’s PPM is much above about 100 PPM then you are probably going to have pH issues or maybe even other nutrient issues.

Also the reason I asked temps is during the changing of the reservoir, if the new replacement mixture is significantly different in temperature, this could shock the plant and cause droopiness, but yes, so could having the water level too high. Yes, the water should barely touch the bottom of the net pot or even an inch or so of distance is also good is you have plenty of roots growing far below the net pot.

And the damage to the leaves cold be just from the rubbing against the top of the bucket?

I’m using the ro water from walmart so I as a 0 ppm
My ppm right now is 640 do u think it should take some out and add water
Its 3 weeks old. On its 4th node

Looks a lot better that it was beside those marks. glad this website has people to help!
Its w

I hope you have that hole covered with something most of the time. You don’t want light getting into your reservoir or onto your roots.

U thnks its from the bucket? Under leaves have it to had new grow has lil specs of it…the newest nodes look good… samll specs but it start off small like the bad one and now looks like shit

Yes I have a cap to it just checkin the ppm and…my ph has gone up 5.8
Moved back down to 5.5

No, that other damage looks like pH or maybe something else. It will not get better just because the pH is ok now.

I am not familiar with your nutrient line, but maybe because you are running such low PPM, this is part of the problem?

Sometimes if the pH is rising during veg it is a sign your plant is hungry and consuming nitrate forms of nitrogen quickly, when this happens, as part of the biological process, bicarbonates are created in the root-zone and this will cause the pH to rise. Most nutrients that are designed for hydroponics should be stabilized to help prevent these types of pH changes, the opposite can happen during flower and the pH can be driven downward by the plant’s uptake of nutrients. So as a general rule of thumb, the more nutrients you add to the water, the more stable the pH would be due to more of the stabilizers being present.

Like I said, I’m not familiar with the line you are using, but if it is designed with hydroponics in mind, it should have stabilizers in it, or maybe it is a additional additive you are not including that they normally want you to include?

So u think I should raise my ppm up…
I read that if your ppm goes up its useing more water than nute.
And if the ppm is down its use morw water than nutes

Possibly you should raise it. As I stated before 600-800 PPM seems to be a more common low dose PPM than about 400 PPMs you are running at. Many people do run their hydro at 1200 PPM or even higher, I’ve never found that high necessary nor beneficial with any brand of nutrient line I’ve ever tried, but hey what ever works for them. I say bring it up to at least 600 unless there is something in the literature of your nutrient line that says not to. That way, even with more water uptake than nutes between checking your PPM will probably not get too high and probably not above 800. And yes, in general that is what it means, PPM is rising – more water is being used than nutrients, and PPM is going down – more nutrients than water is being used.

Just check my plant to day anf the ppm when down 40 so i added a 1 ml of grgrow and .5 ml micro…broufht it up to 700 ppm more of the little marks