Is this mold or am I paranoid

She’s a cropped seed that’s been vegging since end of July. Just flipped to flower like a week ago.

On top of the soil this is new. See pics.

I swapped her to a canvas bag potter today out of caution. Soil did seem a tad too wet if I’m honest with myself from when/how I watered her yesterday.
Will let her dry out for a bit in good ventilation.

Am I paranoid or is this problem?

Looks like your roots and a healthy cover of mycorrhizae which is in many potting soils.
Happy Frog and Ocean Forest both have that in them.
It looks like a white fungus on the roots…which is exactly what mycorrhizae is.
Which is beneficial btw


That’s a little odd but I do not believe that is mold, looks like feeder roots don’t think I’ve ever seen roots grow up and out of a pot like that but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

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That should be roots. Mold you can look under a jeweler loupe and should see its not right. :+1::+1::+1:

@Teffygreenthumb I have seen it a few times in my experience. I just lost one plant that decided to grow upside down. The root was on the soil and the top was below. I just tossed it as I have plenty of seeds.


Thanks everyone!!! I was hoping for that answer.

Happy frog soil ftw

Yep, roots. I see that when I accidentally pour the water in too hard and it washes away some of the top soil. I just add in a small layer of soil to cover them.


Oh this is probably what happened.