Mold on my pots?

Hi, checking my girls tonight and I see some different spots/stains on the sides…
Did a run off last night…
The soil was dry amended with 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 with worm castings…
Water has only been has only been amended so far with Mamouth-6, Silica and Cal-Mag…
I have two fans over the tops of the plants and one on the floor.
Wondering if it’s an issue I should be working on or if it’s just nutes and such bleeding out?


Not mold. Just salt buildups from the nutrients. It’s normal with cloth pots.


Oh good,

Yeah looks like salt buildup to me too, but with that said I often see it outdoors on grow bags with no bad effects so far


And since I was focused on my pots, I am pretty sure I’ve found some bud sites…? (First grow?).
If so should I start any kind of 2-8-4 amending, either water or powder???
Thank you

I actually did get mold growing on the outside of my bags and on top of my coco. i sprayed with peroxide/water mix and added a fan down low and no more mold

Looks like she’s still vegging to me, you see pistils yet?

Hard to see in the pics… but small white hair like thingies…

Nothing to worry about my pots have it aswell and im growing organically