Mold started on my cloth pots, toss, transfer, leave alone?

Stupidly forgot to increase my OC fans power and wasn’t getting enough airflow, noticed a few pots showing slight markings indicative of mold. Do I transfer each plant to a new pot? Toss them all? Leave be?

What you see is mineral salts rather than mold. It’s not harmful at all.


I can’t tell from the photos if that is mold or not. When I used liquid nutrients I got salt build up on the outside of my fabric containers. I never worried about it.


This was the worst looking one and the one I immediately transplanted to a new pot. Came here to check if I was doing it right and to continue onto the other plants or overreacting. I’ll keep an eye on them and maybe spray with peroxide mix.

Peroxide won’t clean mineral salts. Some growers who reuse their bags wash them in vinegar to clean them for reuse. Vinegar is acidic and loosens the mineral salts. I would leave them be. Peroxide isn’t good for soil. It will kill beneficial microbes in your soil.

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Ah so this is definitely minerals? I’ll leave it be then, was mostly worried if mold.

It is very common when using fabric bags. It can even appear on clay pots given enough time.

It can be particularly bad when using very salty nutrients like the Fox Farm Trio.


Just using coco coir and lightly npk mixes by zen.

I have thrown my pots in the washer with no detergent. Came out a little floppy but still works great.

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Here’s a pic of a former grow of mine when you can see the mineral deposits starting to form on the bag.

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If he is worried he can mist the outside of the bag with peroxide. It won’t penetrate enough into the soil to hurt and will break down to H2O pretty quickly. So actually very safe. Especially using coco that is just suspension medium


Agree not applicable unless peroxide is overused. I felt it worth mentioning given we have seen a few of the new growers pour peroxide in their pots to address this or that.


That exactly what I was thinking. Squirt bottle adjusted to fine mist, move it out of the tent if possible, mist the bag and clean the spot in the tent where the bag sits.

I can’t tell from the pic if it’s mold or salts. :man_shrugging:t4:

I wash my 10 gallon fabric pots with Tide free no fragrances. Let them air dry. I’m on four grows and they’re still holding up looking great not new. This is what I do no fragrance so you can’t contaminate soil of blah blah blah

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You should see the side of a cloth pot after an organic grow. Lots of colors and fungus.

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