Help with possible mold issue or rootbound 4 weeks into flower

Hi everyone…Im just going into week 4 of flower with 4 girls…2 Lemon Haze-2 Tahoe OG.
all in Michigan Mix Soil…they have been growing great but have noticed that the past 10 days or so when I open the tent and anticipate that sweet smell in the air…its not there…the grow tent smells like dirt…musty…moldyish…they are in 5 gal fabric pots…I water them 2x per week…2 nights ago I happen to check on the drip trays that are underneath the pots, but not resting in them had a crust on them and I am assuming that it was the runoff water that had dried up in the tray…one of the pots has white on it and I am going to assume that it may be mold or maybe the plants is rootbound…I took out all the drip tray and scrubbed with bleach along with the room…Dont know what to do at this point…my game plan for now is to just dry the hell out of them til the leaves wilt down…Help please…did I screw up big time?
Thanks for any advise…

You may be right about mold. If all you’re getting is a musty dirt . Have you tryed an anti-fugi? Like sm90 or pm wash? I would add some hydroguard to the water. To start.

Could be nutrient build up on the bag. How are you getting away with watering only twice a week?

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I havent tried anything yet because I dont know what Im dealing with or how to attack this problem but will sure be looking to into the anti-fungi today…if this is indeed mold…will it travel up to my buds? how screwed am I…I typically give them a good deep watering that is good for 3 days

I think Stickybeard may have a point, it could be salts on the bag, especially if you soak them. The important thing is to keep an eye in the stem, that’s where mold will first develop.

That’s very normal on cloth pots. Salt buildups that get pushed into the cloth when watering. For me it started in flowering. I believe the reason is that’s when your plants are getting their strongest dose of nutrients so there’s more salts being produced. This was mine after the plant was cooked. The other side of the pot was much worse and took 3 cycles in the washing machine to get it all out.

At this point looking at the pictures again, I’d call it salt build-up. If you are soaking them that heavy , with the fan where it is that would explain why the seems to be more on the two bags up front.
That being said, keep an eye on them. And it is still a good idea to add hydroguard to you water it add a root healthy bacteria that can out compete bad bacteria. I use it in every water change over in my (DWC) and in my veggie garden.

I use it in DWC and soil. Two week after transplanting a pod in a 1/2 gallon and wow the roots!

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Whoop there it is. I dont see mold here Salt yes.

It’s common for your plant to be especially smelly one day and nothing the next. If you would like to develop the terpenes more, you can introduce Epsom salt into your grow water at around 2 teaspoons per gallon.

You can spray down the pot and soil and plant with straight 3% peroxide which won’t hurt it but nukes mold and mildew.


id say salt deposit

Thanks everyone…everytime I begin to panic when I notice something you all find a way to make it better…I will start the hydroguard this weekend as suggested…about the peroxide 3%…should.that be sprayed on the pots…soil and leaves/buds? Will that kill any mold spores IF there is any there without harming the girls?how often should they both, hydro and peroxide be applied…IF the case is a mold issue, will it start at the stem and work it’s way up the plant?

That’s a new one for me.
Is it just the increase in magnesium that increases terpenes?

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sorry for sounding like naive but Im only looking to increase my knowledge, if this is a salt issue as many of you think it may be…will adding the epson sale leech out causing more of this discoloring of the pots? other than increasing the terpines does this also replace the salts that may be leeching out…is that what I am looking to do?

Its not necessarily an issue. It’s what they do. Now you can see why cloth pots are superior to buckets. The salt has a way out other than the holes you drilled in a bucket. If you feel there’s a buildup, just flush and start over by adding the ppm’s you want.


Bobbydigital is on it. Think of it as sweat stains on your guy clothes. When you sweat the water soaks into the shirt and as it drys it leaves the salts behind. Looks like you’re doing great.
I however just lost the top 1/3 of a cola to bud rot. Humidity got to high a week ago and a bad spot formed. It’s gone now I’ll be searching hard for the next week or two before harvest.