Mold in my soil... Any advice?

My babies have been budding for close to seven weeks now and about two days ago I ran into some car trouble and they got stuck being in the dark for 40 hours. I finally got back to them and got the light turned on, and when I did, I was going to check to see if they needed to be watered so I dug down about an inch deep and ran into some white mold. So I have two questions. One, should I do anything different with my light cycle seeing as how it was dark for so long? Or should I just continue with the light cycle as normal? And two, whar should I do about the mold in my soil. For example, should I just start flushing and harvesting now, is there a trick to get rid of the mold, should I just continue as I would normall? Does anyone have any advice on this subject that they’d be willing to send my way??? Thanks

7 weeks or 7 weeks in flower? you said you are growing in soil what kind?
if it is Sunshine#4 advanced or Pro mix hp could simply be Mycorrhizzae which is a benefitial fungus added to the mix which helps with root health

If this is the case relax as soil dries it will recede and not harm your plants in anyway it’s the 40 hours of dark simply let it go nuts.
As for the lights get them back on schedule :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Your right. It’s definitely the mycorrhizae. Dang that totally slipped my mind. I totally just added some great white for the first time about a week or two ago. O and it was seven weeks into flower. I would’ve added it to the soil pre grow but I’m a beginner and this is my first grow. I just recently heard about beneficial bacteria in the root zone. Thank you for pointing that out to me and sorry to waste your time. I’m sure that’s the culprit. Appreciate it.

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No worries wasn’t a waste of my time I enjoy the research :slight_smile: I occupies my OCD when not in my jungle lol hope all turns out well

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