Is this a male or hermie?

Just noticed balls on 2 branches


That’s a hermie.


Thank you. Any idea what causes it ? 2nd run its happened both times


Lots of times it’s brought out by environmental conditions but basically it’s in the genetics.
And where it showed that early in flower I’m def leaning towards the genetics.


I had one herm today as well so I’ve been digging all day for info on hermaphroditism because I’d only heard of it before happening due to light being present during the dark hours and I know mine have been kept dark. So, it’s generally caused by stress of one sort or another and genetics play a big part as well. Yesterday, I was watering in some mosquito bits and realized after watering the first one (the one that hermed) that I had forgotten to adjust my water pH. I corrected it and finished watering the girls. The one that hermed drooped almost immediately, very unhappy about the water when she should have been happy, she was dry and it was watering day. Woke up this morning to balls on my best looking plant :worried:. Did the bad pH cause it? I can’t say but I also can’t say it didn’t given how bad she looked after the watering.

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Thanks for the input gentlemen!