Trouble sexing plants

Got some GDP bag seed but having trouble determining sex can someone help? My gut tells me they hermies

I don’t have a lot of experience but looks female to me

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@ReMoLu I kno wat u mean the signs r there just in 1st pic the lil balls r throwing me off cuz u got the lil white pistols hairs n then underneath ub got the 2 balls so I’m confused this is my second time getting to flower n 1st time I notice this my last grow wen well n they didn’t look like this

I’m leaning toward a hermie also. Could be swollen calyx also though. Are those the only “balls” on the whole plant?

@Watt-Sun no there r more it’s bout the week2 into flower since from way I heard u don’t really count the 1st week n if u do then it’s week 3 I got few more pics I’ll upload right now but ingot 4 total n all r showing the same as 1st 2 pics n then I got these

I’m going with hermie. Were they stressed at all by heat or light leaks during the dark period? All your plants are showing this?

Those are all female. Male parts are never singles. Always in groups


She knows better than me :wink:

Those bracts contain the calyx that swells and releases a pistil. @merlin44. U like how I described that? Lmao. Sorry inside joke


@anon95385719 How sure r u tho cuz I just don’t want to waste my nutes n stuff if it’s not gonna b female n the research I done to me shows hermies but then I’m still new to this also n just want to b sure I do appreciate ur in put n opinion everything helps

Looks female to me too

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It’s female

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I certainly got a chuckle out of your choice of phrase :rofl: thx

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@anon95385719 thanks ur a big help was getting worried there

You will take note of how much restraint I am showing by not taking this to the next obvious step. ROFLMAO


Me too. I keep saying. No you’re an adult. Well not like a real adult. But…,


I never really grew up in the sense that I still find pleasure in small things in life and have somewhat of an adolescent sense of humor. Keeps things light and fun. Don’t need to take one’s self too seriously.