Is she done for?

Hello sorry about all the posts today I keep finding little problems. This question is about a little experiment I’ve been messing with. I pushed this thing to flower almost 7 weeks ago and I just realized that she isn’t really budding. I keep reading that if they flower too long then you might as well give up on them basically. So am I at that point?

Whats humidity at?

Could be a ton of things honestly. Might need better lighting. Might not have gave enough nutes. Might be about to explode, I dont know about photos so much. Might have had a nute lockout with your roots so she didn’t get the nutes shes needed and didn’t grow much. Need to know more info really.
But maybe @Covertgrower couod help more…

Looks like she re-vegged at some point.

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Lighting. Looks like a general lack of light.


It looks really stretched due to inadequate lighting. You will get some bud but not alot and it may be larfy.

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Humidity stays around 50 - 60 %

For lighting I have 1 1200w and 2 600w LED
Nuts I was using sensi grow and sensi bloom with voodoo juice and when it went to flower I started using bat guano. The tent stays about 75 degrees

Is there a way to save it?

I’ve seen other setups on YouTube using the same tent and lights which is why I purchased these lights.

I think you’re right and it’s my fault. I was reading even a little light during night time can cause it. I have a small lamp I put in there a couple of weeks ago for some clones I wanted to keep light on. I thought it was dim and blocked off enough but after looking it’s probably what’s doing it. I’m going to make a little green house or something to put the clones in.

Any suggestions on how I can salvage it?

Just let it grow. It probably just added several weeks to the grow time.

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I e read it’s recommended to put them in 24 hour complete darkness when you flip to flower from veg. Would it help this situation? Maybe kick start flowering again?

I have once or twice but never noticed any difference. I just go straight to 12/12

like me your lighting is to weak, happened to me in June I moved them outside and…

Lol o moved mine outside and 2 hours later they looked about dead. :sweat_smile: that Vegas heat they for sure do not like.

It got 117 here a few days fortunately mine were just starting the flower stage and were very strong, even still I had to water them like crazy, they are in 15 gallon pots