Problems with my auto

I got the seed from my son he found it in his bud from the medical shop in town and I had ran her on veg for about 2 to 3 weeks then went to a 12/12 not knowing it was a auto and now she seems to be stuck. Yes I know it’s early to take her off veg so with that said I never grown auto’s before and are most seeds from the dispensaries autos


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I can’t say whether dispensary stuff is normally autoflowers or not, but that plant you have there is in full flower. It won’t get any bigger from there tbh. If your light has a bloom/veg switch, switch it to bloom.

Btw, blurple lights (like the one you’re using) are really not great. A lot of users here have been through buying those to start off with, not knowing any better.

If you want to get serious about growing, I would get some seeds from ILGM or another reputable company, and a better light. :+1:


Might be the best joint ya ever smoked :joy:


Looks like some Girl Scout Cookie Extreme from ILGM. That’s what I got going RN. That’s def in full flower mode tho, I’d say just keep ur light running on 18/6 or whatever u had it on. It’s gonna be a nice raw cone u could pack with it when it dries. I’m actually pretty surprised to see an auto come from a medical dispensary


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I’m glad to see your attempt. Please stick around and learn for your next grow, your current plant has a soil/nutrition issue, and I expect your pH is off a bit. Harvest will be small, but might be powerful. You never know.

Stay and learn, ask lots of questions.


Welcome & good luck growing


Welcome to the community , she’s a little beauty !


Lmao, omg you guys are so mean :joy:. Hey I’ve grown a solid 280gm on some ak47 and I got 265.7 out of a mango(not my favorite bud​:face_vomiting:) and I used that light it’s a spectra 450 viper but I can’t tell you if it’s the one that you’re talking about that’s blurple it says red and it puts out straight blue on veg(maybe it’s supposed to be on veg+bloom on flowering?). Am I a professional who knows all the tricks?, no but still not a noob​:crazy_face:. You guys don’t think I’ll ever get anymore off her huh poor baby she’s so tiny kinda reminds me of this person I used to know tiny and cute.
Thanks you everyone for the info
Your site rocks btw :love_you_gesture:stay classy you bitches

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Oh and The seed came from a bud of strawberry kush but when you google lens her she just pulls oG kush. Believe it or not she’s a dank smelling bonsai bud. I’m calling it my bonsai bud tree🤟

That’s the light I’m using I got it back in 2017-18 so I hope it’s not the one you’re talking about that light was expensive and made it through Michael it’s all I had left it got wrapped up in the hydro tent I had and I lost everything but that light (true story)

I don’t claim to be an expert but here is a wall of info in my head:

Any and all blurple lights are normally considered sub-par. Just looking at how the light looks I can tell it’s a blurple. A blurple is an LED light that puts out that purple blueish tinted light. A full spectrum light will be varying temperatures of white, but it will carry a full spectrum of PAR.

PAR is Photosenthically Active Radiation. This is a band of visible light at the 400-700 nm wavelength, that plants are known to use to grow. Different wavelengths help with different aspects of a plants life. People used to think that plants didn’t absorb green light as much as the others, but it in fact does, and does it very well. If you cut out that green light, that’s a good amount of lost energy for the plant, and cannabis can take a lot of light!

There is also new research into ePAR, which is 400-750 nm, adding infrared into the mix. There are boards that contain far-red LEDs out now, from many companies. I personally and many of us here use HLG lights.

Btw, I never meant to bash your equipment! It’s absolutely better than nothing! And I have no experience with blurples myself, as I was lucky enough to have the guidance of a friend and this forum to guide me down the right path.

But yeah, that girl is already full on flowered. It won’t grow any larger. I mean the bud might fatten up a little more maybe, but the plant won’t get larger itself.

Here is a video on lighting from the great Bruce Bugbee. His name and videos float around here often.

Wow that was a lot of information to take in but thanks dank I guess I’ll be getting a new led asap