Not sure if she is finished

I put a pic of all 3 of short girls lol. Im currently in the beginning of week 8 an i believe the 2 with buds are actually finished i dont have a jewelers loupe to check the trichomes. Only reason i think the 2 are done because im not seeing any growth an buds seem to be only a littel denser. 1st time grower here.:muscle:t6:


Looks like week 8 from seed. Weeks in the flowering stage is what counts. It takes 8 to 10 weeks in the flowering stage for flower to ripen. Based on all those white pistils you have several weeks to go yet. How many weeks has the plant been flowering? Do you have a cheap USB microscope with which to look at the trichomes?


Yep 8 weeks from seed. As far as the yellowing on the leaves which i know is supposed to happen im more concerned with the burn spots should i run fresh water through it or leave it i actually just fed last night an she dont seem to be taking it very well very light feeding tho 1.5ml of tiger bloom to a gallon an half of distilled water ph was about 6.7 though maybe water with a lower ph an see what that do for my autos

No i dont have a scope i actually dont have any of the devices i actually need at the moment i made it this far without ah ph pin or tds meter :sweat_smile::partying_face:

I’m seeing a lot of white pistils still. You’re gonna wanna wait until they all turn red/orange and start receding back into the buds. Let them dense up as much as they want. Get yourself a jewelers loop to check out the trichomes. If they’re still clear you’ll have to wait.
They do look a little hungry though. They are in flower so they’re gonna be taking in a lot more nutes now. But I’d say you’re still a few weeks away from harvest. Most all plants will be a minimum of 2-4 weeks in veg and 8-10 weeks in flower.


I agree, looks like you have several weeks to go.


It was like 3 weeks of veg for me an ive been easing off the nutes because i was having so many deficiencies i didnt know which way was up lbs

Use a phone

A general observation I have for many growers on here is that they stop feeding way too early…

my best harvests have come from well nourished plants nearly till the very end. If i haven’t been heavy handed with nutes during the grow, they’ll usually fade quick in the last couple weeks…no need to stop before then imho.

I’m also growing less convinced letting them fade makes a positive diff anyway. There have been a couple studies that suggest participants in a blind smoke test preferred the burn and flavor of non flushed/faded Cannabis better.


Ty definitely gonna go ahead and feed when its lights on

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Give them more time let those buds fatten up. Good luck :v:


In flower they’re gonna want a lot of potassium and phosphorous. The light green says they might want a little nitrogen as well. I’d say give them some flowering nutes during the duration.
They got a few weeks of plumping up and you’ll have some nice fat buds!!!


I definitely appreciate all the info everyone heres an update of what i got going on


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Nope. Still not done.

So my plant lost all of its fan leaves will i still get bud development because its still underdeveloped

The flowers will still mature, but you’re pretty much at max size there i think.

The resin will mature to milky/amber and the density of the flowers will improve a little.

Do you have any trichome pix?

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Im drying inmy tent do i leave my fan on or off?