Week 15 still going slow

Stopped with the nutes week 13, just water since. 20-4 light cycle and she is so damn slow. First time grow so I’m doing my best to be patient.

Sugar leaves are starting to turn yellow, she’s gotta be semi close by they still look super clear and half of the pistils are still white. Temp is 22 Celsius with 45% humidity.


Ride her out. Nute deprivation is a choice.

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Gg4 auto, for strain sorry didn’t put that in.


Can I still give nutes even though schedule said to stop? I totally will and just flush before cut. Just kinda went by the book.

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That is my main medical. She can come out for a pleasant smoke 90%cloudy-5% amber. 10% amber and up is locky. Flushing and stopping feed are choices. I personally do not stop. Just me.


those are some big colas. Welcome

Thank you! Topped her like week 4, and obviously did well from it.

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Gg accepts fimm…topping…lst well.

Yah i would say you have at least two weeks maybe more

Normal for sugar leaves to start dying and turning purple?

Yellow sugar leaves, could be the plant is hungry. Never go by what the label on the seed pac or breeder website says plants will finish when they finish. Plants cant read labels or go on the internet. Id say you got at least 2 weeks to go. You migh want to start lowering light intensity to help her finish and to keep it from foxtailing but Id keep feeding until the end, maybe stop feeding a couple days before harvest but I grow outside in the ground. I feed the plants bloom nutes during flower about once a week right up to the end and let the plant tell me when to harvest. It could be on the same day as I fed them but it wouldn’t matter to me either way. Those yellow leaves will not recover but you can limit the severity.
Some yellowing is normal as the plant will cannibalizing itself as it get nearer to the end of it lift. Its focusing it energy on bud and trichome development.

I can’t dim my lights but can change light schedule?

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I’ve heard it said that reducing light hours can trigger a plant to hurry up towards the end. No experience trying it

Letting the temps drop at night as well