1st time grower. Does she looks ok?

She has mostly been an outdoor plant. Some days I do bring her inside and put her under 2 75 watt led lights.
The last 2 weeks have been really sunny. So she has been outdoors mostly.
I planted her 9 weeks ago and it started flowering about 2 weeks ago. I just think it looks a little weird the most hairs are whit but some are already amber. On the tips.


She is looking great to me !

You are just transitioning to flower. I would caution to keep the light to 12 hours now if you want it to flower out. If that means bringing it inside every night you may have to. Now if this is an autoflowering strain you are probably okay.

The plant is lanky like a sativa but I would like to know what it’s planted in and what size pot etc.


@Veruca what strain and how old is she ? Always remember the sugar leads trichomes will mature much faster than the actual bud trichs so those are the ones you need to check when it’s time. She still has a ways to go from the looks of things ! She absolutely looks perfect though .

@Myfriendis410 it kinda looks like an auto from stature

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Could be. Could be a sativa that maybe saw a bit less light early on too…


True very true . Only @Veruca truly knows the answers ! Lol

I’m sorry I did not say this in the last post. It’s white window autoflower.
She is 13 weeks old.

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Awesome . I was going to guess ww auto . They have a pretty distinct look to them. we as far getting the info now …what size pots is she in and also what kind of nutrient line are you using ?

I would also say I see a slight touch of nute burn in the last pic(the tips of the leaves are a little yellow) but aside from that you look like you’re doing great !