Auto plant is it ready

Been budding for about a month now and it almost looks like the hairs are gone is this ready or do I wait. It was an auto that budded early.

You’ve still got a while left before she’s ready to cut. Atleast another month maybe more. You can’t go by the browing hairs, you have to get a close up look of your trichomes, but like i said you’ve got a while before you have to worry about that. Be patient and let her do her thing :wink::call_me_hand:
Edit: can you get a picture of the whole plant? What kind of lights are you running? If you’re running weak lighting you won’t see very good bud development but by guessing from the other bud sights in the background of your picture it’s still a young plant


Your plant looks like she is revegging

Check for light leaks. Maybe extend the dark period. If you arent using a timer then its time to get one


My first thoughts when I saw the picture was revegging.


This was my first impression as well but dismissed it, didn’t know auto’s could do that.


I’ve had one Auto do that leaves look the same as in the picture. I can’t explain it had other plants sitting right beside it with same light schedule.


Never grew auto’s so haven’t really given it a lot of thought. Certainly no experience to fall back on.

Yeah that was my first impression was re veg but with autos it doesn’t matter, autos are weird though, they do some very strange things. I’ve 2 got in my grow room but I’ve also got 5 photo outside so I grow both lol trust me when autos some times just do really weird things :joy: heck I have 2 autos right now and 1 is about 2 weeks in flower more than the other and they’re the exact same age. You can’t control them so asking questions like this is honestly the best to tell. Someone somewhere may have ran into this issue with autos. Sorry I’m stoned and rambling I’ll shut up now lol y’all have a good evening!

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I currently have an outdoor WWA that decided to reveg-

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Man that sucks, what you thinking? I’ve heard beat thing it to cut it. If it was a photo it would be different but with an auto you pretty much gotta take what you can get

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It’s my first time really growing I have it outdoors so not sure when bud is ready

Is there anyway you can get better picture of the plant? The plant as a whole ? Is say average flower is 8 weeks. What strain is it? Where is the seed from?

How can an Auto reveg?

I don’t know but it’s booming now it grew so many new branch’s