Is my plant dead

My grow light fell and crushed my plant. It’s two weeks old and the leaves are badly burned. Does it have any hope of survival. It’s an autoflower.

Probably won’t recover.

You never know let her go she might come back

Got some pictures? I loved JYD in WWF!

That’s what happened…looking sad…

Probably killed it but you never know

I dropped my hygrometer on a seedling that was only 2-3 days from sprout.
It died 2 days later :confused:

I would say lesson learned on securing the light, and drop another seed.
I hope the light is okay, probably a lot more expensive than the seed.

Yes it died and I dropped another seed afterwards. It’s day two…waiting on little buddy to break soil and try again. Fingers crossed. Light was fine thankfully. Will post updates as it goes.

This is her 4 weeks old. I notice some new growth leaves are yellow and dying. They are at the very bottom of plant. Some of the ones near top are getting these little dark almost purple spots. I bought a complete grow kit that supposedly only needs water and light. Can anyone help give me an idea. I have researched and think it might need some kind of nutrients. I’m brand new to this and I don’t want to kill it by doing something wrong. Any help and advice is welcome and gladly appreciated.