Is it possible?: indoor veg / outdoor flower

Newbie question so sorry in advance if its totally stupid.


Is it possible to do a 10 week full veg indoor under LEDs in a typical tent situation, then when the are of good size move them to outdoor (out of season)(with shorter days/colder) for the plant to fruit and bud?

Will the plant die or freak out going from 26C under LED to natural cycles dropping below 10c? Is it possible?

If this works then I can get the plant size under lights inside to veg up big, then move them outside to fruit.



Not a dumb question. But i believe your day and night temps would have to stay in the 70 day temp to 50 maybe 40 at night. Depending on the strain.

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I planted some seedlings outdoors, 4-1 and they promptly died (5-degrees centigrade at night).
The clones I planted outdoors on 4-1 grow slow because our day temps rarely get to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and they never have more than 4 hours of direct light, if the sun shines (someday, Zone 8). Next year, indoor until Mother’s day, at least. Temps may get above 60-F, we hope. I am a Darwinian grower employing the “ONLY the strong survive” method of growing. I try any variation and learn from the results.


Why wait 10 weeks? Kick em out at 4-5 weeks. You just have to harden them off to direct sunlight a little at a time and then let them do their thing. Watch for bugs, pm and bud rot towards the end of flower if your in a humid/damp area


I keep mine inside under LED’s for 6-7 weeks then put them outside beginning of June. They continue to veg for another 5-6 weeks before they start to flower around the middle of July. They flower until mid to late October sometimes into November

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You can definitely veg indoors and transfer outdoors. We started ours indoor for a few months. Just started setting them outside last week. When moving them outdoors you have to pay close attention to the ‘hardening’ phase.
For example. The first day our plants felt the natural sun it was only for about 4hrs while under a shade cloth. It took four days for hem ‘while under the cloth’ to make it threw an entire say/night. After about five days of the shade cloth I replaced it with a clean tarp. Another few days under the clear tap and it’s time for the full sun.


I had our Power turned off during the Great Freeze of Texas for 70 hrs 9 mins. The house was 39 degrees and it stayed at those temps the entire time. I figured the plant was a goner due to the freezing temps outside.

She made it with some fox tailing.

The plant should be stunted for a few days but should bounce back good.


@MrPeat. its amazing how tough they can be sometimes. Looks good though. Probably really good smoke after the bit of stress.