Hei everyone, finally all dialed in

hei everyone, been a while.

after 2 years, I’m fully dialed in. It’s become almost boring, compared to outdooring this is a walk in the park.
im at 100% cloning rate with jiffy, big up @Hellraiser s tread for walking me through the basics of cloning. im now growing 3 tangerine dream, 6 jack herer, and 3 banana frosting. big thank you to all massive and crew, for being here and sharing the knowledge.


Welcome back :grinning:


3x tangerine, 3xbanana frosting, 6x jack Herer…


A boring grow cycle is typically a good grow cycle! Congrats on the newfound levels of green thumbery.


the only thing I’m still struggling is the transfer from my veg and/or bloom tent to outdoor. is there a way to mitigate the light stress, of changing light hours?
I was thinking maybe a 24h of darkness period before putting it under the sun.
Any suggestions that don’t include syncing the light hours?


This is all I really have. Going from 20/4 to outdoors where its 14/10 mid summer has a tendency to trick plants into premature flowering.

Maybe you could supplement a little light outdoors? Like maybe have something ‘keep them awake’ a few extra hours at night and a bit before sunrise?

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@HippieRunner1 is grower on the west coast. Might be able to help you with your question. Post this in the outdoor section and youll get bum rushed from the cabin fever snd itch for spring around the corner.

Welcome back.


Thanx for the tag @Mosca.

A lot of growers overlook the hardening phase. This is the transition from indoor to outdoor. I start out outdoor laddies in door March 1. Tomorrow :slight_smile:

Once the end of May rolls around we start the transition. At this time you want to slowly introduce your plants to the outside would. The natural environment is way different than indoors.

Start by first setting up some sort of shaded area. This will be used to set the plant under for a few hrs out a time. One the first day set them out for an hr. Over the first week set them out during the day for longer periods but then back indoors at night.
The second week ‘if the weather allows’ keep them out for their first full night. Still under the shade tarp.

Once the plants are out for the entire night and day while under the shade tarp keep them in the same location and remove the shade tarp. If the weather is somewhat bad you can use a clean greenhouse tarp. You just want to allow more natural light to hit the plants. Remember keep them in the same location. They are somewhat adapted to the wind chill in that spot during the night already.

I used a clear tarp this last round due to heavy mist in the morning.

Next move the plants to the final resting spots. But…… don’t transplant yet. Set them there for a few days to get use to that location. Morning sun and evening light. This will all play a roll in the transition.

Remember the goal is to reduce overall plant stress so we can push forth with veg.

Once the plant has sat in this location for a night or two it’s time for the transplant. Take your time with this step as it’s your tender loving care that will allow these little babes to grow into big plump mamas :slight_smile:


Now that there deserves a bookmark! Sweet right up @HippieRunner1. Nice knowledge bomb :books:


wow :heart_eyes: those are some massive trees…

outdoor is my guerilla time so i can’t really put that much daily effort into it. but maybe I should…

thanks for the great explanation :beers:


Lovely plump Mamas :drooling_face:


Thanx man. Just trying to lend a helping hand. Haven’t seen you around for a while. Glad to hear from you :slight_smile:


Indeed. Keep up the green work :wink:


Made some recent closeup with the ladies…

We are at week 9 of flowering and they still keep growing nicely.

Banana Frosting

Tangerine Dream