Need help moving indoor plants outdoor

Hey Gro bros I’ve got a question for my outdoor guys. I have bunch of seedlings currently about 2 weeks old. I’m planning on moving these outside for my first outdoor run after Frost, which is around 4/15-20. I started these things on a 18-6 overnight light schedule from 8 p.m. through 2 p.m… now I have 2 questions, 1. What is the best way to flip my schedules to mimic outdoor light with least amount of stress?

  1. Should I plant these in there permanent pots when I take them outdoor? 4 of them will be in 15 gals and the others will be in 7s

Thanks in advance for the feedback guys!

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Just throw them outside. They’re in veg so no need to adjust your current lighting. Just toss them outside when you’re ready.

Where do you live

Zone 7B East Coast

I was told switching them from 18 hours to the roughly 13 hours of sunlight were getting now may trigger flower

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At their age, I doubt it. The sooner you get them outside the better though.

At 2 weeks I’m guessing hey have 2 sets of leaves? At the baby stage any light schedule works.


And, I start plants indoors and transfer outside at least twice a season.


You work with autos? Or you have some in your veg tent and only put them out to flower?
did you experiment with starting flower inside while out they are still vegging as to give the flowering stage a heads up and move outside once outdoors start flowering?

You shouldn’t put your plants out until the summer solstice. Otherwise they will begin to flower then reveal. The only way is if you gaslight them outside

Not true here man, summer solstice is our marker. I have been doing big outdoor grows for years. Where are you located

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Where do you live?

I live in Mass and I’m doing the same thing I have 12 lady’s on an 18/6 light cycle right now and I’m keeping them inside until may 1st but about two weeks before that I’ll switch my cycle to a 17/7 then 16/8 and every day for ATLEAST a week I’ll bring them outside during the day and put them in the shade so they don’t get too much intense light from sun and let them adjust and bring them back in at night and then on the 1st they stay in out!! Kicked out the house! :laughing:.

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If you just throw them out there you will most likely shock them into preflower. This was recommended to me so I’m recommending to you! Good luck!

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Hey brotha, let me hit you up when I have a break at work today, and I can be very detailed in my response. Just trust me on this one


Ok me too I’m going into work right now! Sounds good chat later!

I am guessing you live in Southern California, which is light years different than where we are. Look up zone 7a and 7b. The only way we can do more than one crop outside here is with light dep. Our seasons are way different man, bet its not 28°F at your house this morning. I am not saying you aren’t a good grower, but you don’t have east coast growing experience if I had to guess, and offering information to @SaTeeva without asking pertinent questions as to where he is and length of days will lead him to failure. We generally put our plants out on June 20th. I grow big plants so I move them outside but gaslight them from mid may to June 20th. Right now also Temps are chilly and plants would be better off indoors for better growth. It is in the 30’s at night when I harvest my plants in mid to late October

Good advice!

I run these bistro lights to trick the plants into the length of day and then June 20th they go off


Did you build that green house? I have a cheap 10x12x7 one I bought on Amazon but it should get me through this season.

I’m in so cal, Summer Solstice is also my longest day of the year. At 2 weeks old a plant is a baby.

If one were able to put outside now it would start recording that the daylight hours are increasing, not decreasing.

@IslandGrown76 Can we agree that the above statement is true if we quantify now as being April 7th?