How much light to start off with for indoor germination to outdoor grow if Massachusetts only gets max 15 hours of light

Hi everyone this is my first time posting so i apologize if this info is somewhere else. So I’m germinating some white widow feminized non auto and girl scout cookies auto now from ilgm. Then I’ll put them in my 4x4 tent to get a little bigger to be moved outside. My question is how much light do I give them while indoors if they will only ever get max 15 hours of light outside? I live in Massachusetts its also my first grow with good seeds. So much knowledge here I can smoke and read for hours Haha.

Welcome to the club.

When starting plants you shouldn’t worry about whether they are going indoors or outdoors, the goal is to grow the biggest, healthiest plants possible.

Once you start putting them outside you need to “harden” them, letting them adjust to the new conditions outdoors and keeping them from sun burn.

They will quickly adjust to what ever light schedule the sun provides.

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18/6 then lessen it each week for 3 weeks or so prior maybe 30 minutes each week

Purely my opinion

Thanks alot for the info! I knew there had to be something hopefully everything goes smoothly. Thanks again!