Moving indoor to outdoor during flowering

Switched to 12/12 on an indoor plant (blue dream fem) about a week ago, small pre flower forming currently. Originally I was just gonna run the whole cycle in the tent, but now I want to start something new and finish this lady outside. Where I’m located the sun is on about a 13 hour light cycle rn.
Will this cause any issues going from 12/12 indoor to 13/11 outdoor during the very early stages of flower?
If it’s high risk I will just run the cycle out indoors, but I’m inclined to think it’s probably okay.
Just wanted to defer to some experts (and sorry if this is the wrong place to post, was a hybrid question).


The plant won’t experience any set backs with 13 hours, go for it Grow Bro…I know how addictive and and wanting to grow more can be :muscle::love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the prompt reply, I figured as much but just wanted to be sure. Time to start germinating :sunglasses:

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Make a note, 8 to 10 weeks. Clock starts now.


Hey man just wanted to follow up here because it’s not been nearly that long yet the buds are starting to look pretty finished to me? I’m noticing this on all of my plants that they’re looking done 2+ weeks before they should be. Maybe it’s an issue w/ how I defined the ‘start’ of flowering? I’m thinking I need to harvest though :thinking: I will try to post some pics in a bit (does not help everything got battered by a hail storm last night).