Infused Mead and more Mead!

Started an infused mead yesterday.

Infused 2.65g Zwatz S1 flower rosin that I grew and pressed myself into 2 cups raw clover honey.

Added the infused honey, topped off with more raw clover honey till 3.5lbs.
Added water, mixed, and then yeast slurry and capped with airlock.

Been adding nutrients for the yeast and aerating. Gonna add vanilla bean and medium roasted Hungarian oak in secondary.

Started 4 more Meads today.

The one gallon batches are blackberry, pear, and peach.
The five gallon is a traditional mead that will have vanilla bean, oak, and orange zest added in secondary.


Very nice🤘 can’t wait to hear how it comes out


Thanks! I’ll be posting updates and flavor profiles when I re-rack and taste test.


I found this interesting:

Mead = honey, water and yeast
Melomel = the same with fruit
Metheglin = the same with spices
Pyment = the same with grapes
Hippocras = the same with specific spices (cinnamon)


Cyser: apple mead

Rhodimel: rose mead

Hydromel: sparkling mead

Bochet: Caramelized honey mead

Capsicumel: hot pepper spiced mead

Braggot: mead with hops


Looks yummy. I hope you decarbed the concentrate.

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Let’s see.
I’m a 67 year-old guy that has smoked dope for 50 years and likes making beer, wine, and mead.
Yep, I’m in!


Yes I did.

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Made a few Melmols me self, have a infuser on my still, been working on the right mix for cannaliqour.


All are fermenting nicely and smell amazing!
All have been getting aerated twice daily and got fed nutrients at 24,48,&72hrs.

House is usually 70°F+ during the day and that out the 5gal at 75° so moved all to my veg tent with the humidifier. Now running 65-68°! Will make for a lot more flavorful and less of an alcohol taste.


Do I understand correctly, you are venting the CO2 into your veg tent?

Yes and no…

They produce CO2 as a byproduct of the fermentation so there is CO2 venting into the tent, but don’t have a setup to direct the CO2 to any plants. I have all the carboys inside my veg tent to keep the temps optimal for fermentation and to keep them in the dark, there are currently no plants in the tent.


I’ve been considering a grow utilizing CO2 from a concurrent ferment. I’m using Exhale CO2 generators currently. I do not know if it actually improves growth or not. I will say that my plants have been quite lush and happy.

The last and only time that I made mead, I recall that it was a very long ferment, after transfer to the secondary, it continued intermittently for a year! Every time that I would move the carboy, it would restart.

Seems that yours should be putting out decent amounts.


Once I get my “room” done I will have the ability to use the CO2 coming off my mash ferments, they are 30-35 gal ferments in 55 gal barrels, interested in how your infusion goes, as stated I have a Gin basket for my still to put botanicals in, has worked well for flavored Vodkas.


So far I have only heard that CO2 is useful in sealed grows otherwise the CO2 doesn’t build up enough. Usually people breathing raises the CO2 in the air enough to keep at optimal lvl anyways. Have 2 adult, 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog all producing CO2 so shouldn’t be short there anyways.

I do have the exhaust for the little tent blowing towards the intake of my flowering tent atm as it adds cool moist air that is CO2 rich just in case tho. Lol

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Those should produce enough CO2 to keep your plants happy!

Was thinking next time to add some everclear to my decarbed Rosin to dissolve it and then add in secondary. Might have to press some kief and use that. Make sure it’s from a sweet fruity tasting flower. This one had an earth flavor with sweet fruity notes.


Right or Wrong, the results make the quest quite pleasing.


One week of fermentation later.

Infused mead;
Starting gravity: 1.120
Current gravity: 1.010
ABV: 14.37%
Semi sweet with a strong hoppy/ sweet foresty cannabis flavor.

Starting gravity: 1.130
Current gravity: 1.008
ABV: 15.77%
Semi dry with fruity red wine taste.

Starting gravity: 1.130
Current gravity: 1.010
ABV: 15.54%
Dry with slight fruit taste.

Starting gravity: 1.130
Current gravity: 1.008
ABV: 15.77%
Semi dry with smooth fruity taste.

Traditional 5gal;
Starting gravity: 1.075
Current gravity: 0.988
ABV: 14.37%
Dry and mellow flavor.


What yeast you using, the regular Mead did well at eating the sugars, I imagine you still have sugars from the fruits. Nice ferments :+1:


The infused and fruit meads are K1-1116 and the traditional 5gal is 71B.