Week 10 update, we gonna make it fam!

just chuffed with this first inside attempt so sharing my week 10 photos. hopefully just a few more weeks for these bad boys and we have some nice christmas trees! I cant thank everyone on this forum enough, you guys and gals are all legends in my book!

white widow autos


Those look yummy! I just planted my first grow yesterday and I think we got the same strain to start on.

I hope mine turn out half that good.

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these have been incredibly low maintenance man, love them and theyll love you back! you doing indoor or out?

Indoor 2x2’ tent 300w LED light 5 gallon cloth pot humidifier and 2 fans.

I used to make my own moonshine but this looks a lot more fun.


I’d love to pick your brain on small scale moonshine.

Tequila to be honest…

I can’t honestly admit to doing the research yet, but I would absolutely love to make my own tequila.

Ilovegrowingtequila.com lmao


Nice BIG buds man, where they grown outdoors?

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No these were done inside. My first inside grow. Second grow overall. First try was outdoors.

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:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Mango I started out making corn based sour mash but didn’t want to commit to spending the money on the aging barrels that you need to make the whisky better. The last year or so I always made homemade vodka with sugar only mashes. Haven’t done it in a long time but it’s fun knowing I know how to do it.


@Sherlockhomie looking amazing!! Nice outdoor grow!! Should be a nice harvest!!

@Oheeeoh welcome to the community!!!

Stay Safe and Lit My Friends!!:fire::fire::fire::v::v:

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