Indoor seeds for outdoor use

I order indoor seeds and I have some left over and I have a site I can grow them outdoors. How will indoor seeds grow outdoors? Will I run into any major problems will plant growth sizes and light intake?

A lott depends on the strain of the seeds you have, and how much time you have to grow “outside”! Most seeds will do just fine outside as long as you keep an eye on them :slight_smile: and good luck.

Try and assume the viewpoint of the plant. What does it need to be happy? What conditions are considered optimal? One thing is for sure - Cannabis is an incredibly strong plant, in general, and will produce something under almost any conditions in which it can survive. I’ve planted very late in the year in Iowa, and was rewarded with good bud, just not so much. Which brings to my mind an important point. Any bud, no matter how small, contains the same active ingredients as the most Primo, top bud. Put differently, it will get you to the same place. If it’s for your own use, and not the rent, what have you got to lose? (Can’t smoke the seeds! :wink:

I think that the consensus here is that; You want to make sure that you have enough time to grow a particular strain,

If you have a short window to grow in twe can conclude that: Indica would finish in time. Sativas may not be finished by the time winter comes.