Outdoor Vs. Indoor

What are the genetic / characteristic differences between indoor and outdoor Cannabis seeds / plants?

The new format is better. On the left of the seed shop you will notice a box you can check to have a list of strains recommended for indoors. The characteristics is different for each strain, not so much that there is numerous versions of the same strain, I believe this is part of the reason for the change of format.

I have White Widow indoor seeds growing well outdoors and White Widow indoor seeds growing well indoors. Can the plants environments be reversed with identical results?

No, you are missing my point, there really isn’t an indoor white widow vs. an outdoor white widow, just white widow, and it will grow indoors or outdoors as long as it is taken care of properly and the usual indoor outdoor considerations are taken. I know, the old format makes things confusing, this is why the new page format is better.

Thank you MacGyver. I worded it that way to be certain of my understanding. Thanks again.
Side note: is moving them back and forth for a couple of days for construction doing them harm.

Not as long as there isn’t any physical damage or significant light schedule changes.

One last quick thought on this subject, if you think about it, all plants are outdoor plants.