Can you tell what strain of cannabis this is?

Hello. I bought White Widow Autoflower and this plant does not match the others. Is it too soon to tell what strain it is? Any ideas?

No two plants will ever look a like. Say you buy a 5 pack of seeds and they will all grow differently.

Seed #1 is a Ford Fiesta
Seed #2 is a Pontiac Astre
Seed #3 is a Bentley
Seed #4 is a Cadillac
Sewd #5 is a dud

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what light are you using - distance to each plant matters. the small one looks like it has had a stressed life - the leaves are twisting and no fans are seen.
based on the other WWA plants, they all look light starved and your buds will not likely get bigger than popcorn sized.


We are using 2- 600watt LED. Room size 7’x8’x 71/2’ high. 12 hours of light/dark

I just ordered 2 more 600watt lights. They will be here Friday. I hope it’s not too late to fix them.

Thank you!!!