Will indoor grow outdoor effectively?


is for indoor grows, but would it work in an outdoor grow with the correct light?

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Yes it should do just fine outside. Are you planning on putting it in a spot where it will get sufficient sunlight durring the day. As long as she is getting the light she needs she should do great outside.


Most strains with actually do better outside, in my opinion. Indoor is just easier to control certain aspects of the actual grow.



the strains marked indoor just do really well indoors, but do well outdoors as well!


I agree with the other and the short answer is yes a seed mark indoors can and will grow outdoors hope this helps


I realize not everyone has a suitable private space outside, hence the prevalence of specialized cultivation equipment and accessories we see in wide use and service here.

So here’s how I see it. There was no such thing as “indoor” where and when botanical life began. If flower and vegetable plants were more prolific indoors by design, the planet wouldn’t be speckled all over with farms and gardens. Orchards and vineyards wouldn’t exist.

If you can safely grow outdoors without risk of prosecution, wildlife/pest damage, or theft, I highly advise it.
AND as a bonus if you play your cards right, you’re less likely to experiencing running out before next harvest.
Running out between harvests became a thing of the past after my first full growing season as a property owner.

We chose 4 mixpacks this season to trial 12 different ILGM strains for our outdoor grow in spite of none of them being recommended for outdoor. “indoor” and “outdoor” are nothing more than labels to provide the illusion of more choices for consumers who want more choices. My only real world experience with this is with growing baby salad greens indoors for the past 3 long Maine winters.

@ktreez420 may be onto something with the control aspect.

The biggest control problems I’ve had to contend with outdoors is a stray hair from my dog or one of the cats from the farm if they happen to meander into the weed patch and the occasional grasshopper.
I rigged up a secondary loop for his invisible fence to keep him out of there this coming season and manually dispatch any grasshoppers I find between my thumb and forefinger.
The other control thing about outdoors is they grow into MAMMOTHS if you let them. You may need to practice supercropping, LST and defoliation techniques to keep them from becoming the primary focal point of your backyard/terrace/rooftop garden or 'hood.