Moving outdoor marijuana plant indoors before frost sets in?

I’ve got a cannabis sativa plant that’s five months old living outside in the ground and she is beginning to bud. I’m worried she won’t be mature before frost sets in. Can I bring her inside to finish flowering? Should I use fluorescent lights? What should I do?

For cases in which the marijuana plant will only incur light frost at night but bright sunshine and nice weather in the day, it might be better to just cover the plant with a sheet or horticultural insulating cloth at night to keep it from the elements. To get outdoor marijuana plants to acclimate to an indoor climate, you need to be exceedingly cautious with their root system and provide them with ample bright light. For many people, this can be difficult. Trying to take an outdoor marijuana plant from the ground to an indoor container is easier said than done and should only be attempted as a last resort. Smaller plants are easier to remove, because they aren’t as unwieldy and you can more easily dig up their root system without disturbing it.


Let me know when you get an answer. I’ve moved my girls inside to finish or to get the proper amount of amber trichomes. They are next to a west facing window. Do I need more light?