Can I finish off flowering an outdoor plant under a grow light

From a fellow grower: I live in the Northeast my nighttime temperatures are dropping daytime warms up. I have my plants in pots but some of them are just not ready to be harvested yet and I’m running out of time can I finish them off with grow lights or do I harvest and prematurely?

If you have the space available, you can bring them indoors. That’s what I would do, but I have the setup already.

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It’s gonna be hard to replicate the intensity they get from the sun. It may be a PITA but I’d bring in at night and take back out during the day.
Marijuana can take cooler temps and can survive even a lite frost.
Sometimes the cooler temps can help bring out awesome colors in the plant.


And then there is the issue of possibly bringing pests into you house.


Ugh! Yes, the pests… as long as you don’t have any other live plants in the house you’re ok… if you do, you’ll have to treat all of them