Can still I plant marijuana outdoors in July?

I am growing a marijuana plant that is supposed to ripen in 56 days indoors. I was recently given the chance to take the plants to an irrigated garden in a secluded area. It is currently July 17. Do I still have time to plant marijuana outdoors? If so, how should I go about it?

t isn’t too late as the marijuana plants will continue to grow in a vegetative state for some time before flowering. In some instances, late planting can actually be advantageous. There is a wider variety of food around for herbivores to eat, so the plants won’t be subject to as many predators. Also, the marijuana plants won’t grow quite as large so you can keep them relatively private and take care of them more easily.

Still, the plants will have to be acclimated to outdoor conditions gradually. The medium needs to be kept moist and the leaves can be spritzed with water. The leaves are sensitive to UV light and you’re placing them outdoors during a time when the UV light is most intense. Using anti-transpirant spray will help eliminate the risk of wilting from stress by covering the leaves’ stomach. They will also help the marijuana plants make the transition to outdoor life, are temporary, and easy to use.

You might also consider placing marijuana clones outdoors in containers during the day, then bringing them indoors during the night to get even more light. When they get large enough, you can leave them outdoors to flower, or even bring them inside every night to protect them from any natural danger.