Can I start marijuana seeds in July outdoors

I live in north Texas and am looking to plant a few marijuana seeds in some containers indoors on or around July 15 to put in the ground by the middle of August. If they are kept in containers, I could still maintain control over the flowering cycle by shading them each day. Or is it possible to place them in fertile soil out in the pasture with tomato cages to support them? I don’t have any neighbors around me? Is this worth my while?

If you plant the marijuana seeds on July 15, they will have only a single month to germinate and grow prior to transplanting. As soon as they are moved from the 18-hour light regimen indoors to the 14-hour light regimen outdoors in Texas, they will begin to flower. The marijuana plants will have to face some intense sun and heat that evaporates the water rather quickly. The roots need to maintain some moisture and stay cool so that the sun’s heat doesn’t wither the plants.

Only use containers that are light in color so they reflect the sunlight. Black or dark green containers will heat up and effectively boil the roots. One way to keep the containers cool is by winding burlap around them. When you water the marijuana plants, wet the burlap as well. This cools the container while the water evaporates.

If you want to grow large marijuana plants, they’ll need to be started two or three months prior to transplanting and the containers need to hold about 15 to 30 gallons of planting mix. Small plants only need 5-gallon buckets.


What does annual plant actually meas, does it mean that BUD only grows once a year? or that individual hemp can only go for one year ? Im a bit confused as the time and seasons is best to grow. I was looking at the inventory notice it says October ? why ?

Hi CzarOP,

Check this article about the life cycle of marijuana plants