Spring in Northeast

Started seedlings in my window now it’s stretching tall. I was wondering what I should do. I cannot transplant to outside bags for at least 2 weeks. How should i continue and not have skinny plants to transplant.

Because windows have protection from uv light, it’s a problem growing cannabis. Your lady is reaching for light. Do you have a grow light you can use until outside? I live in wny and I wouldn’t plant outside until end of May.


If it has Indica in it, then u will need an additional 1 1/2 hrs light after sunset now or it will go to flowering pretty soon

Do small up potting. I don’t know what you have them in now but small solo cup, large solo cup and then nursery bags going up in size. Bury the stem each time you re-pot. Even a small additional lighting would help. But honestly your quite a ways out for outside… I’m in NY and mid May is the soonest I’ve ever planted outside.


Thank you for your advice. Im new at growing.i really appreciate the response and im sure i will have alot more questions throughout this process. My name is josh and i live NEK in Vermont.

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Hey Josh :wave::wave::wave:
Nice to meet you… any help I can offer you, ya got it :+1:

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You’re in the right place !!

Awesome :ok_hand:!!!

Hey Josh,
Im in NNY, around Potsdam. I started 3 Matanuska Thunder Fuck last week. I’ll keep them indoors under light until mid-late May.
Going to drop some autos also, but that will be June.


I’m in NY to out on the end of Long Island Like the others said end of May

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Island Living-WA
FROST covering lawn and house roof, last night.
I will wait until 4-20 or May (Mothers Day) .
ILGM contributors advised I was too early, they were correct.
Now I can improve.



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:wave: CNY here

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