If you have a sec please?

Sour diesel clone, I can’t tell sex yet. Anybody see anything I didn’t?

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@Legalinmaine You say this is a clone, was the SD a female. Most wait until flowering to determine the sex. You can check YT for a video on how to check early but I wouldn’t even think about it unless there was a problem with the mother plant. Good Luck and happy growing.

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I cloned it and put it into flower. A little different than I normally do, I didn’t wait for it to root…just flowered it right after cutting it.
I guess it worked well, there was this one and another, the other one showed sex after probably two weeks.


Was the mother plant a female?

If so, this will be female as well.

Lol of course it would be😃… but this is the clone to sex that mother or father plant

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Let me clarify this…I didn’t mean for it to be confusing.

I took this clone to flower it and so I could sex the large plant.

It’s been in flower since June 29th. The other one (from a different plant)showed in about 2.5- 3 weeks, but this one hasn’t yet…that I can tell.
I’m wondering if anyone can tell if this is a male or female, maybe you can see something I haven’t.

I found this pretty cool. On July 25th I took them out of the soil and made a bubble cloner. This isn’t it but it’s basically the same as what I did. I put an air stone in the bottom and ph’d it to 6.5 with a couple drops of kelp per cup. Each one (I had two going) had about 3/4-1 cup of water in the mini res.

In one week the roots grew 6".

I’m not sure how fast they usually grow in dwc but I thought that was pretty good…for my first try, and no effort. I checked the pH every day and it stayed pretty much the same for the week. I Heard it drifts quite a bit in DWC…that must be over a longer period of time? I had no problems so maybe if I had a larger reservoir it would drift more?


was the other one that showed sex a male or female? Whatever that one was this one is too.

@BudBuddy Damn… I still messed up that post…oops. The other was a different strain, different plant. That one actually is female but it doesn’t effect this one lol. I see what you’re saying though

Damn dude you need to post before you smoke.:laughing: