Clone to flower?

Hey I was wondering if it would be possible to clone one of my plants and flip it to 12/12 to see if it is male or female? Is this a good idea or not?

It will take a couple of months, if you get cloning to work.
The goal would be to clone and determine which mothers are best and which clones are best.
I flipped my garden and got 3-5 hermis from my females. Keeping one for servicing. He has spent tha last 3weeks outdooors in chains. Today he got a planter, leaving clone cup (roots bound), now in FFOF soil, and watered. Next week, he gets to meet some ladies. Skinny runt since he lost most balls, last week i harvested some polen pods.


You can. If it’s mature enough to start flowering to show sex, you could also post clear up close pictures of the canopy area and we could tell you…

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It’s not an uncommon practice. But it does take time

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I think it’s still too early to tell

I agree. Soo close… couple more weeks or less.