Is there a way to sex the plants early and still keep the fems growing?

A question of a fellow grower:
Hi,I’m new to growing. Ive got a tent full of greenpoint plants.most average about 12". Is there a way to sex these early and still keep the fems growing? Thanks

Take a cutting and flower it it will tell you

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hi @Sirsmokes You’ve been a great help on this forum for me in the recent past. My plants are now massive, but can’t find any signs of their sex. I thought I’d read that sex becomes visible when it goes into the flowering stage, and I only have one in flowering (it was an auto). I thought staging my seedings 2 weeks apart would be smart… not… now I have a room full of plants in various stages… anyway, could you explain or send me a link on how to determine sex by a cutting please? Thanks oh, and thank you to the original poster, not trying to cut in on your posting, but your question was good, thanks.

@Stryder1961 its easy are you familiar with clones? If not there are tons of videos on you tube but take a clone and put it under a 12/12 i think personally the best way to do this is to put cutting into a bottle of water. If you are wanting to start flowering i would just pit whole plant in flower at this point you should know within 5 or 6 days if its male or not they show faster than females if you have any more questions feel free to ask. Im not good at posting stuff

@Sirsmokes great idea… I’ve got 2 little clones of UK Cheese growing well, was pretty nervous throughout the cloning process but got through it. I have a mixture of about 5 strains among 14 plants, and 2 strains are Reg, so they worry me a bit… this is my first grow, so initially I had all these ideas floating around… get some males, get some seeds… not worth it especially when you can clone. Fem seeds aren’t guaranteed but have a much better chance of being female than Reg seeds. Good advice, I’ll clone a few this weekend. Thanks

Also most female plants will show a few pistols once they become mature enough usually around 8 weeks or so

I’ve noticed once the leaves start popping out staggering one side then the other a little higher is when I started notice pistils on the mothers