When can you tell the sex of a marijuana plant

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a new grower with my first plants that are about a month old. How early do the plants start showing their sex? I really don’t want any seeds in my bud.

It depends on the strain in general. Some plants may not show their sex until a little after you start the 12/12 light cycle. An easy way to find out the sex early in a grow is to take a small cutting from the plant, say from an area you are likely to prune away anyway during cropping, topping and training. Take the cutting and put it in it’s own little light box in a 12/12 light cycle while keeping the parent plant in the same light cycle you currently are using to continue to grow/veg it to your desired shape and size. The cutting will likely start to show sex well before it even starts new roots. This will let you know the sex of the parent plant with out having to put the parent plant into the flowering light cycle. You can keep the clone and put it back into veg for a second generation/ second harvest or throw it away. If you keep it and put it back into a veg light cycle it will likely develop an insane number of tops, this technique of creating an insane number of tops on a pre-flowering clone is often referred to as “monster cropping”.

For a video on what McG advised; See “GreenMan’s I grow chronic video 7 of 9” on Youtube. Here:

I am going to post the link for the entire video 0 parts in videos; If you want to see an entertaining and easy going take on building an efficient grow room check it out. peace