Sexing marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

what do I look for in telling male from female plants?

The info you need can be found here:

Feel free to come back with any other questions.

How young can the sexes be identified on the plants. I have seen the 2 “hairs” at the nodes after one month of Veg… I have a set of training plants ready for inspection. I will share the results and ask for confirmations if possible.
Onwards and of coarse upwards.

Some strains will show sex early, but many do not show sex at all until a couple/few weeks of being under the long dark flowering light cycle, 12 hours or more of uninterrupted darkness. There are only two ways to be sure of sex before completely growing your plant to full size and then flower it. You can take a cutting from any branch/stem with a node and place that cutting in a 12/12 light dark cycle while the parent plant remains in veg. and then in a couple of weeks when it shows its sex, you know for sure the parent plant is the same sex. The other way would be to put the entire plant in the flowering light cycle while it is still very young and small and then as soon as it shows sex put the plant back into short dark cycle, 8 or less hours of darkness(i.e. 18 hours light/6 hours dark), for vegetative growth. This will result in a very bushy plant with lots of nodes and “tops” and is know as monster cropping.

My 1st post : My plants are 5 weeks old and I am having trouble seeing to sex them I used a very badly scratched magnifying glass and think I found 1 male ( little balls) so far which I moved 20 ft away from the others and put it on the other side of a bulding but am having trouble seeing the :hairs: , I need to get a new magnifier !!

Sorry, not to be rude but did you read the above at all?

Don’t worry, they are not that small, you can easily see the hairs as easily as the pollen balls/pouches with the naked eye, and the females will usually show later than the males. I’m not entirely sure moving them apart, outdoors, will completely guarantee no seeds, even with 20 feet distance. The wind could blow just right or an insect pollinator may make a visit, less seed for sure, and very likely no seeds, but not by any means 100% guarantee of being able to control pollination, Also what kind of plants, what strain? It might not be the right time of year outdoors to see the sex on the female plants at all, unless they are autoflower hybrids. You will not see the sex show at all on many strains until they get 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per day, and for pretty much most of the northern hemisphere that won’t happen until the end of September. As I stated in the above posts, all non-autoflower strains will not flower until this 12 hours of darkness is reached.

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Thats ok , I did read but didnt quite grasp what was being said ! I have cysts on my brain that cause severe headaches and am having trouble seeing as well as comprehending stuff !

I see, I am sorry to hear it and hope medical cannabis brings you some relief.

So as to your grow, do you know the strain? It is helpful but not entirely necessary.

Are there any other questions you have that I can attempt to clarify for you?

This is one of the main reasons we need a growfaqs section. We can take from Robbert’s Grow Bible; We can take from our knowledge; And last, but not least; We can build growfaqs from these same questions that are asked over and over.

We are here to help and hope you understand that this question get’s asked everyday, and we do not mind answering it, but sometimes…A brief look through the forum will provide you with the info you need.


I dont know what the strain is , I just keep my seeds from my stash and throw them in a old pill bottle for safe keeping ! This is my 3rd time I have attempted a grow , Last year I got one female from 6 plants , the year before I had 3 females out of 7 but 2 of them got ripped off before I could harvest them , I have been trying to read as much as I can here but due to those cysts on my brain my vision is real blurry and I have to keep making the text larger to see it PLUS I have mondo headaches that are really dragging me down ! I cant smoke right now because I flunked a urine test at the VA Hospital and they are all over me ! I have to piss in a cup at EVERY damn appt. !! I cant afford to lose my pain meds right now because I would suffer severely ! I Broke my back and neck in 1983 and it’s really painful as well as being diabetic and a bad heart among other symptoms ! If I was a horse they would have shot me a long time ago and put me out of my misery !! Hopefully Ohio approves medical marijuana this fall if they do I will be set and ready to go lol !!

We can all hope so! Each state that does is a step closer to decriminalization as a whole.

BTW, you can get your plants to flower outdoors by covering them with something light proof – at the same time of the day, every day, to simulate short days.

It sucks when you get ripped off. This is why I grow indoors. Most secure way to grow.

Do you think these are males

Thanks for your help
They are both pix of the same plant

Its a male @Danielle13