ID this bug please?

Found this dude this morning. Something was previously eating my leaves. I think Captain Jack has helped. What is this dude? cause for concern? Thank you

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Graphocephala coccinea/ Leaf-hopper


@Spiney_norman @Member420 thank you both.

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Leaf hoppers are highly transient, they will not remain on one plant but eat and hop along to another plant. They generally are more of a nuisance than a cause for concern. They can be a problem if therebis an infestation. I notmally see them a few times a year on my plants. I certainly would not put toxins on my plants for them. I would allow dome minor damage just like the odd aphid. Im assuming you are growing outdoors and there are ither plants for bugs to feed on nearby?
You should attempt to pick bugs like them off by hand!