Help identifying a visitor

I have never seen one of these guys before , i have been using jacks dead bug juice to keep unwanted guests away what is this bug and is it bad or good




Bad bug


Thanks for the response…any suggestions on how to keep them away …i have been using jacks dead bug juice concentration mixed kinda strong and still getting unwanted guests

I’m sure others will have suggestions, but if you have a photoperiod plant you won’t have to worry about it flowering until August. In the meantime you could probably use neam oil or other spray that you won’t want to use in flowering. Using different products should keep them bugs on their toes.

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Honestly, lots of leaf hopper are bad, but if you just see an occasional one it’s no biggie. They prefer dead organic matter and are a normal part of the soil litter decomposition.

If you have lots of them all over the place, then they get bad. If they get slim pickings of dead rotting organic matter (leaf litter specifically) then they turn and have no problem eating the fresh stuff.

This is also true for rollypolly bugs too. Aka pill bugs. If you see a lot of those “ditto”.