Phylos kush leaf nutes

Couple leaves like this. Is this too much or too lil of something or juat normal?

Don’t worry about the lower leaves. It is normal for a plant to shed them as it matures.

Sweet… thanks!

Looks like rain and possibly pests eating the holes.

? Too much? Too little? What are ya talking about as you have bugs. Try captain jacks deadbug.

Good luck!

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Thanks! Ive been using that. Its these freaking annoying leaf hoppers. Been trying to spray that and handle them

Cayanne pepper works on them. Dilute it in water , strain and spray.

Awesome. Thanks. Ill try that out. Sick of hunting and crushing these lil bastards

I get them, matter of fact they are the one insect you can count showing up outdoors. They can cause issues but usually are just a nuisance but in large numbers they will kill a plant.