Nutrient or something else

Hey. Any ideas what this is? It’s on like one or two leaves only. Only in the vein area. Could it be bug or is it nutrient related?

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Is there a fan blowing on those leaves that are effected? Looks like possible wind burn, but if you want to check for bugs, hold a leaf up and get a good clear picture of the underside. Then blow up the pic so you get a good view. It doesn’t look nutrient related to me, and it’s fairly normal for older leaves to show some damage here and there.

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There is a fan. Ok. I’ll check it out

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This :point_up_2:

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Can we see the entire plant ?

What is it growing in?
How often do you water it and has it had any supplemental nutrients?

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Every three or four days watering.
Ppms have been 1400 so I’ve only added big bloom with big grow one time. Ppms are coming down so getting ready to add more bites soon


Here’s what underside looks like


This was going be my next question :+1:
Looks a little heavy on nitrogen but not to bad, I kinda like seeing a darker green plant myself.

I do believe others may be correct, it could be completely unrelated to nutrients.
If it spreads or any other systems arise then may need to look more into it :grin:

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What is the humidity in your grow space?

Japt Jacks Deabug is very effective and safe to use during flowering.

My guess would be minor mold or perhaps bug tracks.

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Ya it looks like there’s fly poop or some other wet droplets are on some leaves so maybe it’s a bug or nothing at all. I’ll keep an eye out

Thank you

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Ya. I was thinking of spraying the dead bug. I do have some.

Rh is 45-55%

Unlikely to be mold then. I would treat for critters.

Kinda looks like bugs. I would spray first for them. A nutrient/light/fan issue typically does not affect 1 or 2 leaves only. After a week if spreads then look at a nute problem…doubtfull. the rest of the plant looks good. Just my thoughts.

Is dead big ok to spray anytime under led? Should I spray when lights go off or does it matter.

I’ve used neem in past and it was nothing but all bad so I don’t want any issues. I’ve used dead bug out doors but sprayed in evening when it was cool but it caused mold because the plant was wet and humidity was a little higher.


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Lights out is best. Just hit mine with growers ally. All for prevention. I hittem every couple weeks just because. Just me. Growers ally is a 3 way.

Miticide/insecticide/fungicide. Usable up to harvest day.

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