I need help gg4

What’s wrong?

She got mold so i trimmed her i over watered first time so she hasnt grown much and shes at week 5 of veg and shes tiny

Looks fine

Whats my next step from here

What soil are you using. Being in fabric pot, its damn near impossible to over water. It just all drains out the bottom and you want about 20% runoff

I got calmag but havemt used it yet and i dont kno wat the mix is … The soil i got from cannbis show … Its medical soil has all the stuff the plant needs just add water … Thats why i havemt used anything

Ok, supersoil. You don’t want runoff then I believe. Not sure though. I grow in coco

Do you have mold in check?

I trim and wipe the leaves as it shows up … Now just the lil leaves by the bottom get mold it dont get the top to much just the tips some times but i read to wipe it down wit water paper towel

I would increase your air movement and treat with a peroxide water mix to kill the mold

You kno the measurements for amounts in mixture ill make it now lol