I have full spectrum lighting but could I add another to help things along?

Hey guys n gals. I have a standard 4x8 tent with 2 hlg 600R spec lights, lights are more than enough for current space. My question or questions are that I’ve see people add some kind of light bar to their current setups? Can’t really remember where or what I read? Other than maybe it was a blue light for tighter buds or something???

Any help would be great especially if you could add pics and model numbers if suggesting I buy another light?? And where to hang it and when to use as well :joy: I know I ask a lot of questions :rofl:

If what I have is sufficient I can also live with that lol


Forum search (magnifier glass top right) FORUM search UV-A and UV-B.
those are easy adders, but have issue to be aware of.
HLG UV-A, HLG UV-B will work with 600Rs and Cloudline Controller UIS
I use Light meter UT383BT to map my tent. My Android App for Photone is useless for me.
I would love to have you lights and cant imagine you will need more, but mapping will show your lighting pattern and levels/heights. I am growing better, after setting a good DLI


The bar is the hlg uva30 or uva30xl… I’d suggest getting the xl… The other is too short for your application. I have a 600Rspec in a 4x4 with the uva30. Wish they’d had the xl at the time.

I’ve been working with uva and b for years… Forget about uvb… It’s more a pain than it’s worth.

I second @Growmoredank i have the uva xl by HLG attached to a scorpion Diablo.

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HLG has a chart for UV-A or UV-A-XL application for HLG product to HLG product attaching hardware.
The chart said HLG UV-A for my HLG 350R. It works fine, I hope.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE Not that the the uva30 short isn’t any good.

What size is your tent?

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4x8 . What benefits does adding this bar bring? Thank you



@DEEPDIVERDAVE That’s what I use… A couple 4x4s… The uva30 is fine… A little better coverage with the uva30xl.

@Mjm697 I have experimented with uva in both veg and flower… A few/couple of years ago, @Hellraiser myself and I think a few others, started testing effects of uva in both environments.

The flower has more obvious benefits of increasing tricomes production. It is thought the uva causes the plants to react by protecting itself by producing a more tricomes.

In veg, we both noticed thicker healthier leaves, however planting by seeds will/can provided a huge variety of phenotypes. So the leaves thickened could have been genetic.

I will no longer be using uvb as it is more dangerous, it can mess up buds, and just thinking of how many times I forget to flip the uvb light off before opening the tent… No thanks…

And Uvc… Very dangerous unless you use it to sterilize the tent… Would just take a couple minutes of exposure… But water will neutralize pollen, and hydrogen peroxide or bleach water will sterilize perfectly fine. So why take chances with it.

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This is the reason i bought the HLG UV-A.

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Your picks look like my last grow in the fall/beginning winter…

Not my best looking grow… Had some health issues and figured I’d try to see what happens if i don’t spend so much time on my plants.

Results… Still good bud, but stressing plants just throws them off… Everything can go wrong when your not paying attention… Dli was way off… Vpd same… Results… Good but airier buds… Lollipopping wasn’t as obvious as usual… Meaning… When I lollipop prune… I usually get no Larf but this time… Much Larf… Vs bud size and density.

This coming grow… Starting in a couple weeks… I will go back to my usual plant care habits… Scientific all the way… Since I am the only one puffing it… I only hurt myself when I get a low harvest.