I got something eating my marijuana plants!

A question from a fellow grower:

i got a indoor grow. i got something eating
my plants! i added some worm castings
bugs had come from that! what can i use
to kill them?

If you haven’t started flowering there are many remedies you can use from your local hardware/garden supply store. If this is likely a common local pest you can ask you local store what they recommend for your “vegetable” garden and you can describe your leaf damage as if it were to a tomato plant’s leaves. A lot of people like to use neem oil as a “natural organic” pesticide that you can wipe on the leaves and it should help and it is relatively non-toxic, however there is some evidence it shouldn’t be handled by pregnant women. Of course the best thing is to avoid the pests in the first place and make sure your additives are pest free. You can sterilize worm castings and soil by baking it at around 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven but that will be very smelly and I don’t recommend doing that in your household kitchen’s oven. Also you don’t want to let your soil get to above 200 degrees Fahrenheit as it can produce toxins in the soil that could harm your plants.

An update from the fellow grower:

i used this powder. i lightly dusted the plants
with it left it on for four days! then i misted the plants to rinse it off so far i dont see any
more leaf damage! i think i killed them!
the plants look normal again!

Yup, that should work just fine.

Good stuff. You can actually give your plant a shower in luke warm water before harvest and allow to dry again completely, (a few days), but you have the right idea, dusting, then rinsing off. Water won’t hurt the plant or damage the trichomes.

I dust my plants (only if needed) with Diatomaceous Earth. It is “Fossil shell” flower. You need to make sure you get the “Food Grade” codex, and NOT the DE used in swimming pool filters. This edible nutrient filled product can be added to your diet, and your pets diet in order to clean parasites out of your system.

DE food grade codex will wipe out spider mites. 1st thing I ever used that even put a dent in them. The product scratches the soft insects and they die off due to dehydration. Just a little extra info.

Glad you are on track, and thanks for sharing.