What’s wrong with my plant

Looks like you got some critters. If you have a magnifying glass, check the underneath of the leaves because many pests you cant see without one. Only takes a cpl onry pests to chew up the leaves. is this plant indoors or outdoors? What type of soil?


Yeah somethings eating your plant, time to do some pest warfare, I’d hit the plant with some neem oil or spinosad.


I agree with above comments, it will only get worse if you don’t get rid of the critters.


The soil is a mix of bumper crop, my garden soil and potting soil. It was started inside, I brought it outside every day for the sun then took it in at night because of cold temps and now I’m trying to leave it out because I want to plant it outside. I’m nervous though because previous plants grew faster than this one and I’m afraid those spots might have something to do with it.
I don’t have a magnifying glass. Should I spray an insecticide that is safe for vegetable gardens on it?

Okay I just sprayed it with something I hope will work. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks peeps

Should I spray it again with just water? I’m so nervous about my little baby. :confused:

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I would leave the product on it . Overtime those leafs will be pruned off. It’s not quite like if you were spraying your buds . Hopefully that’ll get rid of the critters.