Humidity problem for harvest!

So I have a few questions for yous about harvesting.

So I bought this ac unit with dehumidifier built in so my I have it in the same room as the tent and everything else. The room I’m using is a small bathroom. My temperature is great I think but my humidity is really high! The top section is what’s in the grow room. so should I go and buy a dehumidifier because it seem like the ac/dehumidifier is not working for dehumidifying? Another thing is I have the light leaks In a few spots like one behind the tent another one is under the door to get in and out of the room and the light from the ac unit would this mess up my process of harvesting besides the rh is too high? Please help a hippie out.

Yeah, you want to get that humidity down another 20%. Are you exhausting out of the drying room?

@BobbyDigital actually no I’m not,:confused: I don’t have an exhaust fan. The only one I have is the one built in the shower which is like 7 feet from the drying rack

Do you have a bathroom exhaust fan?

@BobbyDigital yes I just rearranged the room again and put the rack closest to the shower where the exhaust fan is placed. It’s just so small in the room. And another thing is my buds that are drying, smell a little green like plant but have a strong smell when you break a bud or squish it. Dose this mean I picked it too early or is it going to go away when dried and cured?

That smell is the chlorophyll in the plant breaking down. Sometimes it takes a few weeks of curing to bring out the recognizable MJ smell.

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@BobbyDigital so you’ll still be able to smell the chlorophyll when there done hang drying but should go away when in the process of Curing?

Sometimes it burns off during the drying. Sometimes it still has some to burn off while curing.

So I finally after a week of harvest I got me a dehumidifier

I popped that baby in there now I got it down a lot from where it was
Then it started to get to 81°F so I put the ac unit back in the room now it’s 73°F. Is it too late for the dehumidifier? Is it just going to take longer to dry and cure? I just don’t want to get bud rot.