Help with drying harvest

Hi all, I need suggestions on drying my best harvest yet. I cut them Saturday night and hung them in a dark room. Humidity was high, I put a dehumidifier in with them Yesterday and today my bud’s exterior is texture of popcorn but stems are still pliable and the temp went up to 80 degrees. Humidity did drop to 50%. I noticed the dehumidifier was exhausting hot air. I have 2 fresh air inlets and 1 exhaust. What can I do ?? Thank you.

Run dehumidifier in roome that your intake air is from and then adjust fan speed to move enough air through your drying space. Shoot for under 70f and rh 50-55%.


@dbrn32, I followed your suggestion and the RH is now at 32% so I shut down the dehumidifier and the exterior of the buds are dry but still spongy on the interior and the sugar leaves are crunchy but the stems are still pliable, damn, but I believe close monitoring and using the dehumidifier as needed , I will still have a successful harvest. Day 3 of drying ! What are the odds of going ahead and curing in jars using 62% humidifier packs and putting in fridge ?
Thank you for your help. :thinking::+1::aries:

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That’s kinda low. Tweak things some and try to get back to around 50%. I would jar them when your smaller stems aren’t pliable. Like when they give you a little crack when bent, and don’t try to go back straight.

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If you have some clear totes that seal, place all of the plant material in them and cover with an RH meter inside. Allow to stabilize before taking a reading and try to do it at or around 70F. You can run a fan over the outside of the tote with the lid cracked for varying amounts of airflow over your flower. Another trick is to place in a paper bag to slow down the drying. You want 7 to 10 days before putting into jars.


@dbrn, @Myfriendis410. Ok I got the Rh at 50 and temp at 68 degrees. I moved the dehumidifier outside the dry area and shut it off , I stopped 1 of my air intakes coming off a furnace duct. seems to be working now. Thank you both for the insight…:+1:

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I’m curing my harvest as we speak and I do it in the guest room of our house. I have a hanging dryer rack and fans, a window, central heating and of course ambient conditions to work with (or against). Totes, paper bags, decent RH meters, Boveda packs, Mason jars etc are all helpful or necessary as may be.

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